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04/19/07 02:45 AM  
Golden Strong or what have you??
Looking for a little assistance here. I have the the wyeast Abbey Ale II in the fridge and my hopes are to brew a Belgian Dark Strong in the near future.

I have not brewed a belgian style to date so I was planing to grow the yeast via a starter and then a 5 gallon batch of golden strong.

Can I get a few pointers on a Golden strong malt bill and when one should add the extra fermentables (sugar) to the boil. I assume the hop rates are relativly low here and the yeast is doing the work.

All suggestions are appreciated

Craig (drop me an email)

Phil Madden (Caped Brewsader)
04/19/07 05:30 AM  
Re: Golden Strong or what have you??
If you want to keep it simple:

around 85-90% pils malt

the rest (10-15%) sugar (anyhting you want.. table sugar, dextrose, even honey) added with 10min to go

OG 1.070

mash low (64C or 147-148F) for 90 min

boil for 90 min (because of all the pils)

Hop to around 30 IBU

use a noble hop for both a 75-60 min and a 30-20 min addition.

ferment around 20-22c (68-70F)

04/19/07 11:03 AM  
Re: Golden Strong or what have you??
Craig - since you asked about making a dark strong - add a little debittered or dehusked chocolate or black malt. This is also called carafa special I,II and III.
Craig Zubris
04/20/07 11:03 AM  
Re: Golden Strong or what have you??
Thanks guys, what about a primary fermentation sceme?

Standard or out of the ordinary, 7 days, 14 days?

Temperatures up? Down?

Looking for suggestions. Thanks

04/20/07 12:02 PM  
Re: Golden Strong or what have you??
For this kind of beer I like a slightly higher ambient temperature. As far as ferment time, I'm sure that will vary greatly with your pitching practices.
04/20/07 12:58 PM  
Re: Golden Strong or what have you??
I'm getting ready to bottle my Golden Strong tomorrow, and I am very happy with the way it turned out. I used a Wyeast 3522 Belgian Ardennes starter.My starting gravity was 1.082. It sat in the mid to high sixties for a week, then I started ramping up the temp until I hit about 78. I let it sit there for a couple more days, checked the gravity, and was about 1.012. So just a little over two weeks in the primary. I moved it to a secondary and let it sit there for another two weeks and now the gravity is 1.010.Have a good brew!
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