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04/19/07 01:38 PM  
carbonation for recent Golden Strong
Hello all,

Long time reader, posted a couple of times, and have to say this is my favorite brewing board.Thanks for your patience and willingness to share knowledge, Ive learned a great deal about what has become my favorite beer to drink and brew.It's nice to see a group all striving for the same goal to make great beer!

I recently finished making my first Golden Strong,100% pilsner and invert sugar syrup (thanks so much Scott Jackson!) Wyeast 3522. OG was 1.082, sat in primary for two weeks, ramped up from 68 to 78 degrees over two week period, dropped to 1.015, racked to secondary been sitting at room temp, is now down to 1.011. It tastes absolutely fantasticly spicey and am very excited about this beer.The SRM is dead on and extremely clear, I have not cold crashed it. So this is the thing: I plan on serving this beer at a friends wedding, and obviously want it to be a big hit. I usually force carbonate all of my beers, as they are usually served up in corny kegs at my house for parties etc, and use a counter-pressure filler when entering beers for competition or presents, so I am not extremely knowledgable about bottle conditioning beer, done it a few times with success, but am going up to 3 volumes(163 grams) from the usual 2.2(102 grams) that I do with other beers (for 5 gallons). How important is introduction of fresh yeast at time of bottling? I have read a couple posts about use of a neutral dry yeast, and also using slurry from the primary or krausen. Anyone have any tried and true methods? I am going to try and use 750's and 330's I have been holding onto, but for some of the normal 12 ouncers that a lot of competitions call for, I'm hesitant as I know with that sugar volume to fresh yeast, I'll be making a rather explosive entry,but the main focus is to have a brilliant beer to serve at my best friends wedding. Cheers all!

04/19/07 03:51 PM  
Re: carbonation for recent Golden Strong
You should always make a small yeast starter before bottling - especially beers with high starting gravities.
04/19/07 04:01 PM  
Re: carbonation for recent Golden Strong
I have 10 gallons. What amount would a small starter be? Would you suggest from the original primary slurry, or a neutral yeast?
04/19/07 06:34 PM  
Re: carbonation for recent Golden Strong
I would use some cleaned up (no trub) yeast from the primary. This will continue to give you more of the original yeast's characteristics as the bottled beer ages. As far as the amount of yeast need, about half as much that comes in a White Labs tube. You don't need much but it should be well fed and active.
04/20/07 09:35 AM  
Re: carbonation for recent Golden Strong
BeerdedOne, no comment on your question, Cisco is really a lot more experienced than I am here anyway. Just wanted to say how happy I am that you think so much of our little community.
04/20/07 10:33 AM  
Re: carbonation for recent Golden Strong
Thanks Cisco. I saved my primary slurry and will get that going this evening for bottling.Cheers all!
04/29/07 10:13 AM  
Re: carbonation for recent Golden Strong
For timing of the yeast addition, I have read 3 days before bottling and others say at bottling (adding to bottling bucket). What are the differences and what do you do?

Cisco: <<As far as the amount of yeast need, about half as much that comes in a White Labs tube. You don't need much but it should be well fed and active.>> Does that amount generally translate to a tsp, tbl?


04/29/07 11:28 AM  
Re: carbonation for recent Golden Strong
Add the active yeast at bottling time. As far as yeast amount, at least a good tablespoon or two.
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