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04/20/07 11:43 AM  
WY3726 Farmhouse Ale
Howdy All,

Who has used WY3726 and what yeast aroma/flavor profiles did you get? This is my first saison and the first time using WY3726 I can't detect any distinct yeast aromas/flavors/FUNK

At ten days into primary, held at 81-82F, and am getting ready to move into secondary. The current gavity is at 1.010 (OG 1.063). Hit my OG on the head and the current gravity is 2pts lower than anticipated. This may tune down another couple of points in secondary.

Aroma is slight citrus (grapefruit) some alchohol, taste is warm alchohol, med to high citrus hops, med to high bitter finish, and some spritz from the acid malt.

3 gal batch

Bel Pils 27%

White Wheat 10%

Munich 10%

Acid Malt 5%

xlite DME 36%

Cane sugar 9%

EKG @ 60min

Styrian @ 20min

Styrian & Saaz @ 5min

OG 1.063

IBU 39

ABV 6.5% (current 7%)

Primary 10 days @ 81-82F (currrent gravity 1.010)

2ndary 14 days @ 70F

CC 7 days @ 32-34F

Hit way low temps on my partial mash (<140F) too much head space in mash tun i'm pretty sure.


04/20/07 01:02 PM  
Re: WY3726 Farmhouse Ale
I get spicy but you will not get any funk - you have to add that yourself. You should detect the spiciness after it's carbonated. The acid malt (which I also use in my saisons, wits and hefe's) should display a slight sour tang.
04/20/07 07:27 PM  
Re: WY3726 Farmhouse Ale
yeah spicy and warm, very nice yeast i just go some more and will do a brett spiked batch :)
Ross Lunato
04/21/07 09:07 PM  
Re: WY3726 Farmhouse Ale
I really love this yeast because it attenuates so well and has that nice saison spiciness and dryness without too much barnyard. I have found that if it is fermented over 80*F it has spits out a lot of fusels. I'm still experimenting with this yeast to see what it likes best and I wish WYeast would make this a regular offering year round.
04/23/07 11:06 AM  
Re: WY3726 Farmhouse Ale
I used this yeast for a saison and fermented it around 80. The yeast just kept plugging away for a little over a month. Took my wort from 1.062 to 1.003.

I got some light spiciness, a bit of tartness and surprising light fruitiness in the finish. The finish is the surprise, at first it is fruity, then you realize how dry it is.

04/27/07 03:20 PM  
Re: WY3726 Farmhouse Ale
Wyeast relpy to my inquiry about a fast fermentation and what flavor profile to expect at 80+F.

Our Hero:

I am using the 3726 for the first time for a saison. I brew 3 gal batches and made a 1-2 pint starter that was piched at 70Fafter 14 hours into a 74F wort. The starter was at full kruesen. Applied oxygen stone to the fermentor for 40 seconds and also manually shook. (1st time using stone and I wasn't sure the O2 was flowing correctly). Vigorous fermentation activity at 6hrs that lasted a total of 36hrs. Fernent temp rose to 82F where I am now holding. I plan on primary of 10 days at 82F, 2ndary of 14days at 70F, cold crash at 32F for a week.I will check gravity at 10 days. Is 36hrs of vigorous ferment typical for this yeast or did it stall out?


Have you checked the gravity on the brew? Let me know what that is and then we can take it from there. I am pretty confident your beer is done fermenting. That much yeast in 3 gallons will produce a fast ferment, especially at the higher temps. If it is done, I do not recommend storing at 82oF any longer.

Our Hero:

OG: 1.063, FG after 10 days: 1.010 (good numbers and I might get a couple of points in secondary). What flavor profile should I get from an 82F primary ferment?


Sounds good. As for flavor profile, I envision a significant spicy/clove character along with a fairly strong ester proflie. Maybe a little bubblegum also. Give it a taste and let me know.

Al B
04/30/07 09:13 AM  
Re: WY3726 Farmhouse Ale
Looking forward - just brewed w/ the strain yeasterday for a Saison D'epeutre (30% unmalted spelt and flaked spelt).

Fermentation was underway in 2 hrs......fast and furious @ 78F.

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