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Mark Oregon (previously MarkO)
04/27/07 03:24 PM  
Roeselare strain
Hi, changed my name due to the rather large number of Marks on this message board.

I just have a quick question: is the Roeselare from Wyeast the same kettle of bugs as those in a Rodenbach?

met vriendschappelijke groeten,


04/27/07 04:15 PM  
Re: Roeselare strain

Thank you for the email.

The Roeselare does have Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Brett, Sherry, and Saccharomyces.

I hope that this helps.



Greg Doss

Quality Control Manager

Microbiologist/ Brewer

Wyeast Laboratories, Inc.

888-WYEAST-1 / Fax: 866-WYEAST-1



04/27/07 04:16 PM  
Re: Roeselare strain
The last post is an email Igot back from wyeast when I asked what exactly was in the blend. Not sure if it will help answer your question but what the hay...

So are you Mark From oregon or just Mark oregon?

Mark Oregensis
04/27/07 05:49 PM  
Re: Roeselare strain
I am Mark from Oregon, although that is a bit prosaic for a handle. Let's make it Mark Oregensis, and apply a little botched high school Latin.

Thanks for the info, the inclusion of sherry yeast is a pleasant surprise to me. Last night I was just looking at the dregs of a Rodenbach bottle, and wondering if it contained the same beasties as the Roeselare, seeing as how the brewery is in Roeselare . . .

Off topic, at the moment, I am kicking off a 3-day weekend with a final pLambic brew to close the season (fastest turbid mash ever, thanks to my new mash tun, approximately 3 hours!).

Brian Richards
04/29/07 03:23 AM  
Re: Roeselare strain
I just pitched two packets of Roeselare earlier today in a 10 gallon batch of Flanders Red. Can I just age this out in my primary or do I have to rack it into a secondary and then age it. I hope I can just age it in the primary with no problems because I put 1 oz. of Med+ toast French Oak cubes in each carboy.
04/29/07 11:31 AM  
Re: Roeselare strain
Just leave it. It will ferment slowly.
Al B
04/30/07 07:12 AM  
Re: Roeselare strain
<<>>The Roeselare does have Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Brett, Sherry, and Saccharomyces.<<>>

I just passed over a homemade slurry to SteveG for a Roden-batch he intends to brew. Wow. Pretty close. It consisted of WY belgian wheat, sherry yeast (S. fermentati), lactobacillus, Oenococcus, and WY B. lambicus.

Al Bugfarm

04/30/07 11:35 AM  
Re: Roeselare strain
OK Al, I'll bite. What is Oenococcus? Related to Pedio?
Al B
04/30/07 12:55 PM  
Re: Roeselare strain
Yes sir.

Oenococcus is similiar to Pedio. Its used as malo-lactic fermentation for wine (converting malic acid into softer lactic acid) - might be useful with cherries as they contain alot of malic - also creates lactic and diacetyl and is anaerobic like Pedio.

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