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Like the BBB, the homeBBBrew board is not a club, just a place to talk about making beer. Is there a swap you would like to see happen? If we can find a few others who have something similar then lets do it!

I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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04/30/07 12:05 PM  
Anyone entering the Spirit of Free Beer?
Just wondering. I've always had a soft spot for the folks from BURP.
04/30/07 12:28 PM  
Re: Anyone entering the Spirit of Free Beer?
I would like too. I have a mish-mash of beers and not sure I can find 3 of the same. If I do enter I will register at the meeting. SteveG, Do you plan on attending?
Mike T
04/30/07 01:44 PM  
Re: Anyone entering the Spirit of Free Beer?
As a new member of BURP I was planning on entering a couple of beers (despite my normal distaste for brewing to style), but I am going to be moving on this Saturday (the same day as the meeting where drop-offs are accepted). Iím sure I could manage to get some entries in if I really wanted to, but I really donít have anything that is both to style and good (or in the case of a two year old barleywine, Iím just not willing to part with my last few bottles of it).
04/30/07 02:12 PM  
Re: Anyone entering the Spirit of Free Beer?
I'm not actually local to the BURP folks, being from northern NJ they are a solid 4 hour drive if I make good time. Hung with them a few times though, the last 2 SoB weekends and I made their picnic once. But no, I won't be at the meeting. I shipped out my box just a few minutes ago.

Mike, if avoiding style is your thing that's understandable. I don't pay real close attendtion to that either. One of the beers I sent is a Helles, but that isn't necessarily what I brewed. I had an idea for a pale lager, in tasting it I think it is more like the Helles than anything else. So, now its a Helles! You don't necessarily have to brew to style for your beer to fit into a style category and do well.

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