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Brian Richards
05/02/07 12:55 AM  
Losing bugs in blow off
Here is my situation I have two 6gal carboys both with 5gallons of Flanders red. I used the Roeselare Blend to ferment these. 12-16 hours after pitching I had yeast spewing out of my blowoff tubes for almost a day. Since I'm using a blend, did I just lose a detrimental amount of my bugs in the blow off? When I emptied the pot that my blowoff tubes were dumping in, there was a big yeast cake sitting on the bottom of it. I dumped it in my toilet like a little kid flushing his goldfish. Should I be worried about this? This is my first beer with bugs so sorry if this is a novice question.
05/02/07 06:59 AM  
Re: Losing bugs in blow off
All the fermentation components should be well encorporated into solution, I wouldn't worry.
The WeekEnd Brewer
05/14/07 06:57 PM  
Re: Losing bugs in blow off
By Now I'm Sure you are out of your Primary fermentation and in the Secondary. In the future try to watch your fermenting temps. a bit closer. Remember that the process will create it's own heat, and excess heat will allow more rapid fermentation and faster blow off to happen. You may want to also raise your blow off tube up higher to create a reverse trap. As the Co2 rises the Liquid with yeast and hops will not. Raise the blow off up about a foot before it curves down into your collection tub.

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