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05/05/07 04:02 PM  
Sparging turbid mash?
Planning my first turbid mash lambic next month and after reading up on it, it seems like the high percentage of unmalted wheat will be a nightmare to sparge. Is it? What do you all do to prevent the mash from compacting into a solid block right away? Huge amounts of rice hulls?



05/06/07 07:40 AM  
Re: Sparging turbid mash?
It sure can be a headache. Yes, stuck mashes are brewing minus the fun. You can run a knife though the grain bed, like a French chef knife. Stick it in one side and slice across. You can do this from several directions, sort of making an asterik.

After you've tried one or two batches the traditional way, try using flaked wheat instead. It is far easier to mash, and the sour beer I made with it has won a couple medals. But I suspect anyone who believes in sticking to the letter of the law here would want to rip me a new one for this!

05/06/07 08:31 AM  
Re: Sparging turbid mash?
Two concern you may watch for: make sure you don't get suction going under the grains as your liquid leaves the lauter tun (which will compact your grains), and keep a little liquid in the bottom of the grains (which will keep them from compacting.

My sparging setup has an air gap between the grain basket and the liquid at the bottom of the lauter tun, so pressure can equilize between the top and bottom the grains. Secondly, the hose coming out of the lauter tun turns up and drains into a funnel which goes into the wort collecting bucket.

I really like the results of my turbid mash setup, despite the fact that it takes two hours to mash, and two hours to sparge most of the time. I do get slow sparges from time to time, but I also get really effecient mashes. I've had one stuck mash-- dump some extra liquid into the grains, stir with a spoon, collect the cloudy runoff from this, and put it back into the lauter grant and run it through again.

You could also use wheat malt.

Al B
05/07/07 07:57 AM  
Re: Sparging turbid mash?
I have used rice hulls lately - for turbid mash and other adjuct mashes with no problems. I used 1/2lb for the turbid mash (3 gal batch).

05/07/07 01:18 PM  
Re: Sparging turbid mash?
I did a lambic last T-day. I followed the Cantillon turbid mash and recipe. With all the steps and gluten rests, and break-down of the protiens, I had no problem with run-off. I thought I would need to add alot of rice hulls for the high percentage of unmalted wheat, but it was a very smooth run-off.
05/07/07 05:54 PM  
Re: Sparging turbid mash?

What steps and temperatures are you using?

I do seven steps at 113, 123, 131, 140, 145, 154, 162 (I usually get 5 pretty good and flub 2 by a couple of degrees.) It's 20 minutes a step, and I start the clock at the first step, so the whole process takes about 2 hours. This is based on what I've read about Saison Dupont's method.

I'm not saying this is right or wrong, just that I'm getting pretty good results.


05/07/07 08:09 PM  
Re: Sparging turbid mash?
Here is the schedule I followed hbd.org/brewery/library/LmbicJL0696.html#Turbid

It doughs in with such a small amount of water that I had to use my hands to mix it in. Was a bit warm, but I managed.

05/07/07 09:07 PM  
Re: Sparging turbid mash?
That's the schedule I was planning on following.
05/07/07 10:24 PM  
Re: Sparging turbid mash?
Thanks for the cite.

It looks like they're doing 113 for 20 minutes, 136 for 10 minutes, 150 for 30 minutes, 162 for 20 minutes.


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