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05/06/07 04:06 PM  
Samiclaus Clone Fermentation Slowing
Hey guys. Dan and I brewed a Samiclaus clone about 3 1/2 months ago using a 3.75 liter starter of the wYeast Zurich Lager yeast and aerating it with pure 02 for 1.5 or 2 minutes. It has been fermenting at 55 F. Here are the gravity readings:

1 month from 1.140 to 1.080

3 weeks later down to 1.074

2 weeks later down to 1.068

2.5 weeks later down to 1.061

3 weeks later down to 1.056

We're hoping for it to get down to around 1.033 which is what the last one did in about 2 months and 3 weeks.

We kind of need our temp controlled chest freezer to be lowered to lagering temps for a Munich Helles we brewed last week. We probably need to do this in about a week. We do have a kegerator that we could move the Helles to for lagering, but we'd really like to get this Samiclaus finished soon. Any suggestions on how to do this? The Zurich Lager yeast works best between 50F and 55F. Could I raise the fermentation temp to say 60F or 65F to try and speed it up, or would that result in too many off flavors. Or how about warming the Sami to 72F (our room temp) transfering it to another fermenter and pitching some Scottish Ale yeast? If we do that, should the Scottish Ale yeast be actively fermenting (i.e. at high krausen), or should I make a big starer (how big?) have it settle out and then pitch it in the Sami in a new fermenter. Right now the Sami is at over 10% abv. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!


05/06/07 04:36 PM  
Re: Samiclaus Clone Fermentation Slowing
Oops, that should have read White Labs Zurich Lager yeast. I'm sure you knew what I meant...


05/07/07 06:53 AM  
Re: Samiclaus Clone Fermentation Slowing
Hi Joelle. I'd be real surprised if a temperature range like 60-65F resulted in off-flavors, I think you'd be safe there. I would probably pass on the additional yeast, doing that always introduces the possibility of heart break. I'm not sure this is what you'd like to hear, but trying to hurry along something like a Samiclaus clone sounds to me like the wrong approach. With a task like knocking out .023 gravity points in a 10%+ environment, I think it needs to come together on its schedule, not on yours.
05/07/07 09:51 AM  
Re: Samiclaus Clone Fermentation Slowing
Adding an ale yeast to this beer will really shock the yeast throwing it into a beer that is already so alcoholic. Let the yeast you have keep doing it's thing. You've already invested a lot of time and ingredients in this attempt, give it more time.
05/07/07 10:20 AM  
Re: Samiclaus Clone Fermentation Slowing
Thanks guys. We'll try raising the temperature a little bit and let it keep chugging away.


Scott Jackson
05/07/07 11:01 AM  
Re: Samiclaus Clone Fermentation Slowing
I was not real happy with the WLP Zurich Lager yeast on my Samiclaus clone. If I remember right my OG was around the 1.150 range and I pitched a full pint of slurry but never got below 1.080. I pitched another pint of Pilsner yeast and that got me down to 1.040. (all this at about 55F) I then activate two packs of champagne yeast, pitched that and brought it up to 60 or 65F and the last time I checked it was at 1.030 (6 months ago) when I put it down to lager at 32F.
05/07/07 01:15 PM  
Re: Samiclaus Clone Fermentation Slowing
Sorry to hear about all the trouble with Zurich yeast. I've made a Sami clone a few years back and used the Zurich strain.

My process went like this:

Made a 4 liter starter, brewed a 1.045 pilsner, pitched the yeast. Now I have a 5 gal starter. The day of my Sami brew session (Dec 6th, 2005) racked the pils off of the yeast. I then took a big spoonful and made that into another 4L starter, pitched my 1.142 Sami wort onto the cake of yeast. Aerated for about 2 minutes, every 2 hours until signes of fermentation were visible.

Then after about 2 weeks, I pitched that big starter made on brew day. Roused the yeast really well. Then roused every day for about another month. It took about 2 months to get from 1.142 down to 1.020. Resulted in a beautiful clean brew of a 16.5%ABV. Then preoceded to rack off of the yeast into a cornie keg and lagered at 33F for about 7 months. Bottled, and the first one cracked open on the Dec. 6th, 2006. Very tasty stuff. Can't wait until next Santy Claws day.

05/07/07 01:44 PM  
Re: Samiclaus Clone Fermentation Slowing
Your method sounds like a good idea N8. The thing that surprised us this time was that we had done the same thing we did this time the first time we brewed it and had no problems. We'll try it your way next time and see how it goes. Hopefully raising the temperature will help get this one done.


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