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Brian Richards
05/19/07 01:54 AM  
Cantillion Iris Hops
I was just reading through some of the recipe's in the BYO Best of Brew Clone Recipes magazine and there is a clone recipe for La Folie. It lists it hops as Cantillion Iris Hops. ???, I've had Cantillion Iris before. Am I confused on this or does that mean to use the same hops that are used in C. Iris? I haven't seen that info revealed anywhere as far as what they use. I am going to just use an ounce and a half of Saaz in the beginning of the boil and call it good. Or, are there actual hops called Cantillion Iris Hops? If so I've never heard of them.
05/19/07 12:06 PM  
Re: Cantillion Iris Hops
Although it does not metion which varietals they use, the cantillon.be site does offer some procedural suggestions:

"The hopping is different too. Lambic is made with 100% dried hops, for the Iris we use 50% of dried hops and 50% of fresh hops. The latter cause a superb acidity, the former, due to their tannins, enable to conserve the beer while preserving all its qualities.

After two years in the barrel, the Iris undergoes a second fresh hopping two weeks before the bottling. A linen bag, filled with hops, is soaked in the beer for two weeks. This technique, called "cold hopping", gives the beer a more intense savour and makes the smell and the taste more bitter."

My guess would be that the varietal is some noble hop, hallertauer perhaps, and that they are dipping into their 3-year aged supply for the "50% dry hops."

Mmm, La Folie -- wish I had some.

Brian Richards
05/20/07 08:07 PM  
Re: Cantillion Iris Hops
Yeah, I went to their website and read that same thing that you posted. What I did was I just used a little under an ounce and a half of Saaz to hit the same amount of IBU's that recipe called for. It is going nuts in the carboy as I type this. Thanks for looking into it.


-still curious about what "Cantillion Hops" are supposed to represent.

05/21/07 07:54 AM  
Re: Cantillion Iris Hops
Hi all,

The fresh hop used in the Cantillon Iris is "Styrian Goldings". I hope that helps!


05/21/07 05:16 PM  
Re: Cantillion Iris Hops
I think they also used to use poperinghe hops, which I have never seen in the US.

It is interesting how much proprietal information M. van Roy posts on his webpage -- it seems he wants to enourage people to copy him!

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