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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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happy Feet
05/19/07 12:27 PM  
Free Malt! How to Clean?
A friend of a friend found out that I brewed. He works for a large malting firm running the conveyer belts from the kiln to the storage facility. Anyhow, he is now bringing me bags of malt. (The extra that doesn’t make to the trains after the transferring process) Their waste my gain!! The only problem I see with it is that there is a larger amount of husk particles and organic material in the bags he has brought me. Any ideas on how I can clean it up? Or should I not worry about it? I guess the malt is for a large US brewery. Looks to be 2 row and is very light in colour.
05/20/07 07:28 AM  
Re: Free Malt! How to Clean?
Extra husk would probably make it as easy sparging grain. I'd try it and see, worst that will happen is you end up with a lower than expected gravity beer.
Sean White
05/20/07 11:32 AM  
Re: Free Malt! How to Clean?
I'd try using some sort of screen to filter the husk through, like a big window screen or something. You also might find that just putting this stuf in a big tub and shaking it, the husk and flour will probably settle to the bottom just like it does in a bag of malt, and you could just pull off the top.
05/21/07 10:09 AM  
Re: Free Malt! How to Clean?
Just a thought... many of the great "characterful" beers have their roots in necessity and even thrift, rather than conscious decision-making. The "Belgian" way to do it would probably be not to worry too much and see what happens when you just brew with it.
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