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Mike T
05/23/07 11:25 AM  
Courage RIS clone with Brett, recipe review
A buddy and I have been planning a clone of Courage RIS for several months, just thought I would post our recipe to see if anyone had any insight on this one. The base recipe is from “Brew Your Own British Real Ale”, we added the Dark Candi Syrup instead of caramel and the oak and Brett additions come from several things I have read (including the discussion going on the main page).


4 gallons

10 lbs MO/GP

3 lbs Amber

.75 lbs Black Patent

1.5 lbs Dark Candi Syrup

OG around 1.100

Target hops (about 1.5 oz) at the start of the boil for 50 IBU

Still undecided on which yeast strain to use, Irish/Scottish/English? We were originally going to use the Timothy Taylor strain (WY West Yorkshire), but we weren’t a big fan of it in the first bitter we used it in (strong fruity esters, slow fermentation, poor flocculation)

.5 oz of medium toast French oak in the secondary and some Brett A (I have a Brett A starter on hand, but would Brett C be better?). We’re planning on giving it 6 months or so then bottling for low carbonation.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome, particularly on the yeast strain and Brett A as a secondary fermenter.

05/23/07 12:20 PM  
Re: Courage RIS clone with Brett, recipe review
I have a stock of this stuff from the last year it was made ('93), I'll take a look at the label, sometimes you can luck out and get a gravity. I'll let you know if there is any usable info there.
05/24/07 10:52 AM  
Re: Courage RIS clone with Brett, recipe review
Making the (kind of big) assumption that WY b. anomalous is the original type strain of b. anomalous, you should be in great shape since that strain was isolated from british stock ale in the 50s or 60s. Eventually other strains were found that were indistinguishable from the original via the standard methods of the time (whether they fermented various sugars, basically) and the Wyeast could be one of those as well. I don't recall whether they all came from British ale or not, but anyway I think your b. anomalous is as good a bet as anything.

Plus as you probably know, somebody (was it you, or Sean Paxton, or someone else?) had success with anomalous in a porter.

Mike T
05/24/07 04:52 PM  
Re: Courage RIS clone with Brett, recipe review
I’m convinced, I’ll certainly give an update once its brewed and of course in 10 or so years when it should be hitting its stride…
Mike T
08/27/07 10:28 AM  
Re: Courage RIS clone with Brett, recipe review
Final Recipe (Brewed in early July):

4 gallons

9 lbs Pale

3 lbs Amber

.25 lbs Brown

15 oz Black Patent

1 container Dark Candi Syrup

5 oz White Sugar

Mashed @ 155 using filtered tap water with extra bicarbonate to counter the BP

(Despite nearly a pound of BP, the wort seemed really mellow before the boil)

1 3/8 oz Target Hops @ 10% AA @ 90 minutes (51 IBUs)

OG 1.101 Wyeast, fermenting with a 2-3 pint starter of WY1028 @63 degrees ambient

Yesterday, we finally pulled a sample of this one from secondary and I’m very pleased, gravity is right around 1.029 (71% AA, according to my calculations the original was around 1.028). Despite all of the black patent we added the flavor is pretty smooth with a solid toasted malt backbone and dark fruit highlights. There is still a bit too much alcohol on the tongue (we were drinking it at around 70 degrees), but I don’t pick up any fusels.

We will probably be adding the oak cubes tonight, but I am still waffling on whether on not to add the Brett. I really like the beer as is, nice and thick and starting to get very smooth. I love the old leather complexity that Brett can add to a beer, but I am worried that it will dry out the beer too much (my old ale with Brett is tasty, but rather dry for the style at 1.010).

I’d appreciate any suggestions, first on whether I should add Brett, and then if you think I should, things like the amount to pitch (I have a pint of slurry in the fridge), and if anyone has successfully killed Brett with metabisulfite (or something else, I know Steve used heat on his Brett Old Ale to good effect) and still successfully bottled conditioned with fresh yeast. I really wonder how the original had both a high FG and Brett.


Mike T
08/31/07 11:07 AM  
Re: Courage RIS clone with Brett, recipe review
Last night my brew buddy and I mixed up some of my Brett Old Ale with some Sam Smith’s RIS, we liked the combo enough to add go ahead with adding Brett slurry to the Courage. I think when it gets down into the low 1.020s I will kill the Brett with a couple Campden tablets, then re-yeast and bottle.
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