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Mike T
05/29/07 11:49 AM  
Looking for comments on a Brett APA recipe
Looking for opinions on this recipe that I came up with for an APA brewed with Brett (Loosely based on RR Deification). Obviously not trying to hit a style, just trying to make an interesting beer with a solid hop presence, subdued malt backbone and Brett anomalus (wyeast 5110) funk.

4 gallons:

4.5 lbs Belg Pils

4.5 lbs Golden Promise

.5 CaraVienna

.5 Wheat Malt

Mash @ 152

OG 1.060

.5 oz Magnum 45 min

.5 oz Crystal 0 min

.5 oz Cascade 0 min

.5 oz Crystal dry hop

.5 oz Cascade dry hop

42 IBUs

Pitch on a cake of Brett anom that I will have from a small saison-ish thing (based on Sebastianís recipe from a while back).

05/29/07 01:57 PM  
Re: Looking for comments on a Brett APA recipe
Looks alright to me. Sounds like an interesting recipe. Similar, though, to a Belgian IPA I made a few months back. It was a 1.060 IPA with about 60 IBUs, fermented with Orval yeast, then hit with B. lambicus in the keg.

It was really good. Didn't last long enough to let the brett really do it's thing, but it was noticeable.

I should try it again, and not tell anyone about it so it can really funk itsself up.

Mike T
05/29/07 04:24 PM  
Re: Looking for comments on a Brett APA recipe
Sounds tasty.

What do people think of the combination of crystal and cascade? Iíve had a bag of crystal hops in my freezer for 6 months and Iíd like to use them (never tried them before). Iíd like to use hops I have already, the other choices would be centennial (plenty), or sterling, mt. hood, simcoe, nugget (probably less than an oz of each).

05/29/07 04:44 PM  
Re: Looking for comments on a Brett APA recipe
Crystal and Cascade are a great combo. I love dry hopping with Crystal. I make a barley wine every year that is hopped with, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, and Crystal. I've got a house IPA that is all casacade, and occasionally I'll dry hop it with Crystal.

If you can get Rogue beers, try the Brutal Bitter. It's all T-45 Crystal hops. The T-45 are a concentrated pellet hop. Instead of the normal 3-5% AA that Crystals usually are, they are around 8-9%AA. Very aromatic and potent.

05/30/07 10:14 AM  
Re: Looking for comments on a Brett APA recipe
The delicious Brutal Bitter (made presumably with very large quantities of concentrated pellets) notwithstanding, I've had a hard time getting "enough" aroma from Crystals as a late boil or flameout hop. (I've never tried dry hopping with them though.)

I was complaining to a local pro brewer about this, and as it turned out he had the same experience with Crystals, and felt they just didn't provide a lot of aroma for their weight. Maybe it just takes a whole lot of them to get that great Brutal Bitter effect. N8, or anyone else, have you ever had success with Crystal as the sole late-addition aroma hop?

Mike T
05/30/07 10:55 AM  
Re: Looking for comments on a Brett APA recipe
Thanks for the input guys, how does Ĺ oz cascade + 1 oz of crystal sound for flame out and dry hop? Iím not looking for a huge aroma in this, but I want it solid and I donít want the cascades to dominate the crystal.
05/30/07 11:04 AM  
Re: Looking for comments on a Brett APA recipe
Crystal and Cascade work well with Sterling aromatically as well. Some nice mango notes along with the citrus and soft florals (from Cascade and Crystal).
Mike T
06/04/07 12:07 PM  
Re: Looking for comments on a Brett APA recipe
I ended up getting this brew in on Saturday afternoon. My efficiency was awful (no idea why) so I ended up adding a pound of malt extract to get it back up to the target. I ended up going with 1 oz crystal/.5 oz cascade at flame out., Iíll give it a taste before dry hopping to see if it is needed. Fermentation kicked off fast and hard, and is still chugging along. Really looking forward to this one, thanks for the suggestions.
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