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Happy Feet
06/02/07 11:56 AM  
Old and Frozen Yeast
Had an activator pack of Lueven Pale ale yeast with a manufactured date of July 2005.

I bought it on sale last year, as the date was old then. July of 06 I activated it and it swelled in about 4 days. I wasn’t ready to use so I placed it in my old beer fridge in the garage and promptly forgot about it. Last week while finishing up some lager brewing I discovered the Packet. It was frozen! It must have thawed and froze a hundred times in that old fridge. I pulled it out and was going to discard it, but decided since I had some extra wort from that days brewing, I poured a pint of wort for a starter, waited until the old yeast had thawed and gave the packet a shake before pouring it into the starter. As I shook up the packet, the seal actually ruptured in my hands! I sniped of the top and poured it in. Well….two days later it was showing signs of life and smelling great. I increased the starter size and now have 10 gallons of Strong golden ale fermenting in the primary. Who would of thought? How old can a yeast culture last for?

06/11/07 06:05 PM  
Re: Old and Frozen Yeast
If this were in a -80 under glycerol I would say "forever"

freeze thaw is usually really bad though. Tends to crack cell walls.

Happy Feet
06/14/07 10:21 PM  
Re: Old and Frozen Yeast
Those cracked cells produced 42 L of mighty fine Strong Pale Ale.

Went from 1068 to 1004. What would the alc. by vol. be on that??

Also, if I have 1L bottles, how much sugar would put in to each bottle for a med. carb.?? 1.5 tsp. or more?

06/15/07 09:50 AM  
Re: Old and Frozen Yeast
you're looking at about 8% abv give or take.

For info. on priming you can check out hbd.org/brewery/library/YPrimerMH.html

med. carb. might mean something different to you than to me.

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