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06/03/07 07:21 PM  
too much roast?
So I tried an experiment to get some dark color on a belgian style brown session ale (non soured). I added roasted malt to the mash as I was batch sparging - this was brewed about 2 months ago and it still has a roast flavor - will this go away with time? I may not go down this route again, it's competing with the WLP500 yeast flavors.

What are your experiences with using roast in a belgian-style?

06/04/07 11:22 AM  
Re: too much roast?
The typical roasted malts (even chocolate) are not appropriate for Belgian beers. Instead go for de-bittered malts for coloring such as the Carafa Special I, II or III.

Sorry to say that the roasted flavor in your beer will remain till the bitter end.

06/04/07 01:12 PM  
Re: too much roast?
Ya I knew they were not with BJC:, but had heard from brewers from Allagash, Jolly Pumpkin and another brewpub brewer that they used Roast for color in some of their belgian-style beers....I just think I may have had a heavy hand.

Now that it is chilled and in the keg, it is a touch more mellow, and actually not bad..ahhh.

Mike T
06/04/07 02:30 PM  
Re: too much roast?
Mind posting your recipe?

My one attempt at adding dark malts (1.5% chocolate malt to a quad), had a bitter coffee thing for awhile that eventually smoothed out.

06/04/07 03:16 PM  
Re: too much roast?
This is for a three gallon recipe - all grain:

wallonia brune

Recipe wallonia brune Style Flanders Brown Ale/Oud Bruin

Batch 3.25 gal

Recipe Characteristics

Recipe Gravity 1.046 OG Estimated FG 1.011 FG

Recipe Bitterness 32 IBU Alcohol by Volume 4.5%

Recipe Color 12 SRM Alcohol by Weight 3.6%


Quantity Grain Use

3.50 lb organic german pilsener mashed

1.00 lb organic two-row mashed

0.50 lb organic crystal 60L mashed

0.05 lb organic roasted barley mashed

0.25 lb organic sugar extract

Quantity Hop Form Time

0.50 oz organic kent golding pellet 60 minutes

0.50 oz organic saaz pellet 30 minutes

Quantity Misc Notes

1.00 unit trappist ale yeast

Recipe Notes

mash at 152 for 60 minutes

strike with 1.5 gallons

batch sparge 2.25 gallons

Batch Notes

sprinkle 1 oz of roasted barley on top of mash before sparging to just get the color - add to get proper coloring

Dave I
06/04/07 11:52 PM  
Re: too much roast?
This may not be terribly helpful, but . . . I HAVE heard of people having some success with Belgian Stouts (Dry Stout [or maybe a Sweet or English middle-of-the-road roastiness/bitterness sort of stout] with some sort of Belgian yeast). So I am fairly/moderately sure it could work if you planned something like that out and accounted for how much you wanted the two to show up.

For what it is worth, I find Chocolate Malt really identifiable to the extent that I can notice it in virtually any beer that has it in the grain bill and find it distracting and undesirable. I like Roasted Barley, Carafa, and even Black Patent Malt in small amounts. But for some reason, I really do not dig Chocolate Malt in any beer. I would avoid it in a Belgian like the plague if I was drinking it, but that is entirely my personal tastes/preference.

If you are adding it to a Dubbel or Quad strictly for color, why not add Special B along with some Belgian Dark Candi Syrup?


06/18/07 02:01 PM  
Re: too much roast?
Here is the beer if anyone was wondering...love the color and the roast is starting to melt away, especially in the aroma. Its turning out nice...I'll have to bottle some and store for a year and see what's up.


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