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06/15/07 02:56 PM  
Serendipitously soured
A beer that started out as a bit of an experiment has taken a pleasantly sour turn, and I was wondering what you all might add to a recipe like this that has gone lactic:

8 lbs Marris Otter

.5 lb each of Victory, carapils and crystal 60

.25 lb pale chocolate

FWH with 1.5 oz of a blend of Amarillo, Columbus and Cascade ~7.8%AA

.75 oz of hop blend at 15

.75 oz of hop blend at 5

Open fermented with WY1187... in the basement, which is where the lacto must have gotten into the mix.

I'm thinking if I dry hop it with any of the C hops I'll end up with grapefruit juice substitute. It needs some time to age the hop bitterness out, so I've retired it to a keg and purged the oxygen out... what else to do to help it be the best sour it can be?

Maybe a few wood chips and some cherries instead? Add some Roeselare maybe?

Other ideas?

06/15/07 03:18 PM  
Re: Serendipitously soured
If it really has lactic acid in it, I'd try to get some of that turned into nice round fruity esters by adding some brett. I can suggest WY b. lambicus (which I think is in Roselare). Others may be able to suggest other strains that do a good job of that.
06/15/07 03:24 PM  
Re: Serendipitously soured
Definitely not acetic, and no reason for it to be malic, so process of elimination leaves lactic... and it tastes like lactic acid... it's on the softer side of the sharp-to-soft continuum.
06/16/07 09:49 AM  
Re: Serendipitously soured
CDH, Personally I would see where serendipity leads. I have made some award winning beers with the help of unvited guests, they seemed to be doing a good job so I left them alone. Maybe what you have in there now is all you need.
06/16/07 08:37 PM  
Re: Serendipitously soured
Thanks for the thoughts. I'm tending toward leaving it be for a while, and seeing how it is tasting once it nice and hot outside. If it is lacking, I'll throw in some wood chips that have been in a Roeselare beer for 6 months and let the keg sit outside for a while.
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