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06/23/07 07:22 PM  
First Oud Bruin
So I will be making my first traditional sour beer, an oud bruin, soon. My plan is to make a Belgian brown ale fermented with California ale yeast. Secondary with roeselare, and oak cubes.

The oak cubes are from a brett beer I made. That beer had 2 bretts and lacto. My question is, will the bugs in the oak cubes throw off the roeselare blends' balance?

06/24/07 04:33 AM  
Re: First Oud Bruin
Maybe, it's hard to say. Plus roselare's balance with each batch may differ.

but... unique is fun, and most likely.

This is the beauty of the sour beers!

06/25/07 09:19 AM  
Re: First Oud Bruin
Sweasty, I'd avoid the oak this time around. Oud bruin is a really fun style to make, it takes long term observation to really learn from it though. Oak is great here IMO (though I think the official guidelines says otherwise) but I'd avoid it in your first attempt for the sake of education. If you add innoculated cubes and the Roeselare blend you won't really know when all is said and done which is more responsible for your results. If walking away with greater knowledge on how to make this kind of beer is your objective then the best thing to do is split the batch, use the blend on one half, the cubes in the other.
Al B
06/25/07 06:42 PM  
Re: First Oud Bruin
Sweasty. This is excellent news!

Using mixed cultures is tough to predict in regards to "balance". However, one thing to remember with either way you go - let it age. Bretts converting lactic acid into ethyl lactate is desirable. My flemish red is entering this area....not as sharp, more mouthfeel. This red has every bug except for the real horsy brett (Orval-like).

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