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06/24/07 11:41 PM  
Hello all!

I'm getting ready to brew a Poperings Hommel inspired beer for my girlfriend (her absolute favorite) and was wondering if anyone has had any success harvesting yeast from the bottle? Any other known sources? I've heard it is their own strain and the yeast used to condition is also the primary yeast, but I haven't been able to find our too much more information than that. Great board here and I look forward to viewing it every day. Cheers and thanks!

Al B
06/25/07 06:44 PM  
Re: Hommelbier
I have tried to harvest the Hommel twice. No luck. Fresh bottles are needed. <<>>
06/25/07 08:04 PM  
Re: Hommelbier
I've tried as well, but with no luck. The bottle was a couple of years old.

It's hard to find fresh bottles of Hommel on the west coast.

Al B
06/25/07 08:07 PM  
Re: Hommelbier
Not easy getting Hommel in the East either.
06/25/07 08:57 PM  
Re: Hommelbier
One of the great things about living in Seattle is all of the bottle shops around the Puget Sound. Bottleworks is getting a new shipment of Hommel on Wednesday, so I guess I'll try my luck with that. Who knows how long the beer has actually been sitting around before it was shipped, but this shop is known for its freshness, quality and proper storage. Anyways, it's worth a shot. I'll post if I have any success and make some extra slants available to whoever is interested.
06/26/07 05:33 PM  
Re: Hommelbier
Oo,Oo,Oo... (with arm stretched high into the air, shaking about like Arnold Horshack)

I'll take a slant if it works out.

I'll prolly be in Seattle in July. Not sure on the dates, yet.

Think you'll have it by then??

06/26/07 07:49 PM  
Re: Hommelbier
Im going to try (key word) and get somethng started in the next week, I'll be back the week of the 9th from vacation. I'll either have slants or my brewing partner is going to build up a starter(I want to get this beer done soon),so Im thinking mid-July at the latest. You're welcome to slurry or slants if it all works out.

Are you a Pacific Northwesterner N8? Don't miss Belgian beer paradise at Brouwer's Cafe or Uber Tavern(also a bottle shop and my favorite beer bar) and of course Bottleworks, that is if you haven't already been there.

06/27/07 01:03 AM  
Re: Hommelbier
Yep, I'm a PNWer. Eugene, OR to be exact.

As far as the places you mention, been there done that. Well, except for the Uber Tavern. Where's that? I'm always open for a new tap stop.

I'll post what dates I'd be heading up for Seattle if and when it happens.

Cheers, and best of luck with the yeast farming.


06/27/07 01:31 AM  
Re: Hommelbier
Just got home and about to get my propagation on. Her goes nothing...

Gotta love Eugene (my dad is a Duck and two of my brewing buddies are from there) visit there a couple times a year.

Uber is on Aurora Ave down the street from Duck Island Saloon. The owner puts on the Seattle International and Portland International Beer Festivals every year. He is very good at getting hard to fins stuff in bottles and taps---always something interesting, lots of bootleg stuff he's not supposed to have. Tomorrow is the year anniversary party and it will include 3 different kegs of Jolly Pumpkin and 3 kegs of Allagash (including Inoculator) should be a great celebration. Check it out if you have the time...much cooler and much less pretentious than Brouwers(and about 20 times smaller). Cheers!


07/16/07 07:05 PM  
Re: Hommelbier
Just made the Hommel inspired beer yesterday. I wasn't able to make any slants(my buddy who usually does that stuff for me is gone on vacation for the summer), but I did have some very happy yeast that was dumped in yesterday from the starter I had been building up. Man oh man did the starter smell wonderful! I decanted a little off and it tasted even better! It's chugalugin' away like a champ right now at about 80 degrees.

N8, not sure when you'll be up in Seattle, but it will be a couple of weeks until I transfer. You're still welcome to some slurry and I'd be happy to send a vial down to you if it doesn't work out with you being up here in Seattle. Cheers!

07/16/07 07:11 PM  
Re: Hommelbier
Cool, Glad it worked out. That should be some tasty beers.

I would be very happy if you could send a vial. Unless you intend on coming down to the OBF in Portland. I'll be there for about 4 days.

I won't be heading up to Seattle after all.

07/16/07 08:26 PM  
Re: Hommelbier
Unfortunately I can't make it to the OBF this year. Send me an email with your shipping info and I'll get a vial coming after I transfer. clenfesty at gmail dot com.
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