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06/26/07 06:52 PM  
Feeding the funk bucket
I've got a gallon and a half of Roeselare beer that I've been using to add those good bugs to newer batches... I'd add a pint or two of the old to a new batch and let it go... and add some of the new beer back into the mix if it tasted good. I'm wondering if after a couple of years of this treatment, if the bugs in there will want some sustenance. I've got a jar of maltodextrin powder, and was wondering if an ounce or two of that might give the bretty beasties something to chew on and keep their energy up.

Any thoughts?

Al B
06/27/07 07:22 AM  
Re: Feeding the funk bucket
Dextrin will help and generally Bretts are good survivors. But if ya get some room in the refridge for a small culture, that would be better for long term.

Al Brussels

06/28/07 01:46 AM  
Re: Feeding the funk bucket
This is a twist in the subject...

I originally read Dump Bucket instead of Funk Bucket.... This reminded me and funny story.

On my home bar, I have a tap system with a drain plate.... The drain plate dumps into a sealed 5 gallon bucket. About once every 2-3 months I dump the bucket. The dump bucket would be pretty nasty smelling and looking! So, I decided when I wasn't using the bar, I would plug the hole in the drain plate. This could keep the smell from quaffing out and oygen from sneeking into the bucket and creating a bigger stink! I started to notic that the dump bucket would acquire a more Belgian Bacterial Fermented sourness and cheesey smell and would grow a pedicle type skin... I always thought, .... Hmmmm, what bugs are in there? I wonder what a smalll addition would do to a Belgian type beer? I never got the courage up to taste the 3 moth old Dump Bucket liquid, but the smell was intriguing, ;-} I even thought of taking some this liquid and doing a quick boil and adding the soured dump bucket liquid into a fermenting beer or even the boil of a batch...

Now that everybody is ready to vomit.... :-O

Any comments on this weirdness....?

06/28/07 05:42 AM  
Re: Feeding the funk bucket
>>Any comments on this weirdness....?<<

Yes ... if you make a discovery of some sort regarding this soup and have something really important you need to post about it, please do it before tasting a sample. It would be a shame if the secret died with you!! Man, I think after 3 months I'd just toss the bucket!

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