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07/15/07 09:45 AM  
Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Starter slow to take off?
This is the first time I've used 3763, although I have used the mixed lambic culture (3728) before.

I made a starter yesterday in order to brew today, about 24 hours later, but I don't have as much activity as I do with saccharomyces only cultures.

Is this normal for a mixed culture or the roeselare blend itself, simply because there are less saccharomyces cells in the mixed culture? Does this type of starter take more time to get going, and I should wait more time before brewing?

07/15/07 12:42 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Starter slow to take off
It appears to have taken off now, perhaps this pack was just a bit old and needed more time than what I'm used to.
07/15/07 08:25 PM  
Re: Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Starter slow to take off
My roselare starters have been slow as well, so I think it just takes a bit more time.
Dave I
11/26/07 09:30 AM  
Re: Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Starter slow to take off
Two quick questions:

1) For Roeselare do you oxygenate the starter, or just pitch in cooled wort and let it ferment anaerobically? If there is a section in Wild Brews that talks about that, feel free to tell me to go read. I am reading as much as I can at home between changing diapers and reading my daughter books that look like stuffed animals. I did a search and could not find any info about aerating souring blends, but if there is a thread specifically about Flanders and Lambic and Brett starters, you can tell me that as well.

2) Subjective question. Would I have better luck using the Roeselare blend or holding out and seeing if Al B's inoculated wood cubes cooperate with his planned infection? Or should I suck it up and convince my wife to let me brew a couple of batches with both and have 20 gallons of sour beer on-hand? Not that I mind that, and can age it for a while and maybe blend some down the road. Just wondering.


11/26/07 10:24 AM  
Re: Wyeast 3763 Roeselare Starter slow to take off
For me the point of Roeselare is that it gives you a nice brett strain, and pedio, all in one package. (I don't really care about that lacto strain either way).

Personally, I'm not willing to pitch a Wyeast pack directly into 5G of wort (aerated or not) because I think it has a good chance of leading to solventy beer due to underpitching.

If you feel the same way, then of course you either have to build up the Roeselare in a starter, or just primary with something else. I've never tried the first, because exposing the pedio to oxygen concerns me a little. Whether or not those concerns are valid, I have no idea. I've taken the latter approach (doing the primary with a neutral strain) and the beer really was very good.

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