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Brian Richards
07/15/07 04:43 PM  
B. Claussenni
I just popped open two bottles of a partigyle brew that I made from a 1.070 red ale. I pitched a WLP002 and about 10 times the vial amount of B. Claussenni from white labs. For the hell of it I got a starter going the other day from the dregs of two bottles of this beer. Hoping to grow up some more claussenni for another beer. I am not sure if I am growing more WLP002 in this starter too or Just the B. Claussenni. I was thinking that the OO2 wouldn't really do much hear given it's environment. I'm pretty new to using wild yeast. My starter had action going on in about 12 hours and has been going for 2 days now. It smells like nail polish when I swirl it around. Probably not a good thing I'm assuming. Any ideas as to what I actually have going on in there.
Al B
07/16/07 08:18 AM  
Re: B. Claussenni
The nail polish smell is probably from clausenii, more pineapple aroma should arrive shortly.
07/16/07 09:20 AM  
Re: B. Claussenni
When esters hit higher levels they can come across as being solventy. Nail polish doesn't seem too far removed from that.
07/16/07 12:08 PM  
Re: B. Claussenni
Acetone.... ie. ethyl acetate - from wiki..."As the ester derived from ethanol and acetic acid, EtOAc, as it is commonly abbreviated, is manufactured on a large scale for use as a solvent."

and iso-amy acetate - bananas! it's while what some ppms can do.

Brian Richards
07/16/07 05:34 PM  
Re: B. Claussenni
Thanks guys. I think I am going to keep growing this and use it as a my primary yeast for another brew.
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