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07/16/07 06:20 PM  
fresh hop homebrew
Anybody ever made a fresh-hop homebrew? Had a pretty tastey fresh hop pale ale from dechutes brewery awhile back in jan. when I visitied the oregon coast...it had a really nice crisp hop flavor and aroma...I know they're becoming more popular...Adjustments need to be made to the hop additions, I read in article that you should mulitply and normal hop amounts by 6 when using fresh opposed to dried. I have some santiam hops growing nicely and thought I might try one in the fall. anybody with experience?
07/16/07 10:25 PM  
Re: fresh hop homebrew
I haven't done this yet but I plan to this year as well. My second year cascades which seem to grow like weeds should be yielding 1.5-2lbs dry this year. I don't know what to do with that many cascade hops, especially since my tastes have gravitated towards Saisons, BdG, and Sour Ales in the past 2 years since I planted them.

I think you are correct in that you need to use ~6x the dry amount. Although I doubt it will make a difference, I plan to harvest hops during the mash, so that the hops will go from vine to boil in less than an hour. If that doesn't give a fresh hop aroma and flavor I don't know what will.

Sierra Nevada makes a "Harvest Ale" each year of this type, I see it on tap at a beer bar around here. It's pretty good, one of my favorite american hoppy beers.

07/16/07 11:25 PM  
Re: fresh hop homebrew
The fresher the better, I know a few breweries around here on the east have had hops overnighted from the west coast after the harvest...others went to hop farms in new jersey and new york for theirs.....I'm definitly excited to try it, especially with Santiam hops which i've never used before.
07/17/07 09:05 AM  
Re: fresh hop homebrew
I'm planning on one for the fall. My two year cascades are doing very well. I'm planning on adding everything I get from the plants at 15 minutes and 0 minutes and see what happens. The hops are looking nice - see photo here:


07/17/07 10:00 AM  
Re: fresh hop homebrew
I'm making my 3rd this September. The first was aweful, the second not great but drinkable. At the NHC I told somebody this who shared with me a hop growers - and actually general gardeners rule - sleep, creep, leap. The first year they suck, the second they are starting to come around but it takes 3 years for a plant like that to really get it on. I have to say the hop arbor this year looks just beautiful. I'll post pics once the wife comes back from Norway (she has the camera). The little cluster of hops up top the page in the header graphic is from my hop vine.
07/17/07 11:42 PM  
Re: fresh hop homebrew
Nice...my Santiam vines are second year as well....last year they didn't produce at all (due to a late planting of the rhizome), but, this year they are doing well, and I can't let all those of those hops go to waste....

....those look like some nice cones up there!

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