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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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07/27/07 11:26 AM  
Is everyone too busy brewing?
The board, she's been a bit slow, no?

Time to transfer some beer.

07/27/07 12:09 PM  
Re: Is everyone too busy brewing?
Not really brewing, been a pretty big end of the month for me. Sorry, I should probably be doing more to prompt conversation - and get the gueuze-esque swap going.
07/27/07 12:18 PM  
Re: Is everyone too busy brewing?
Too busy bottling and moving and looking for work.

Steve, I got my plambic into bottles (after 3yrs in a carboy in a dirty, musty corner of my basement) and moved so I'm good to go for the swap.

Moving bottles is sooo much easier than moving full carboys!

cheers, scamborn

Mike T
07/27/07 03:48 PM  
Re: Is everyone too busy brewing?
I should have some interesting stuff to post about shortly, just waiting for conditioning/carbonating/aging/fermenting etc...

This weekend I am planning on brewing my yearly batch of “use up all the leftover hops in my freezer before the new harvest” IPA. I have lots of European hops and their American children on hand so (saaz, crystal, sterling, mt.hood etc…), so we are thinking of doing and double decocted batch with mainly pils (with maybe a touch of CaraVienna) and fermenting cool with a neutral ale yeast. Any thoughts on this one? I generally just mix up all the hops in a big bowl and add an oz every 5 minutes for the last 20-30 minutes.

Ross Lunato
07/27/07 06:12 PM  
Re: Is everyone too busy brewing?
Between the arrival of our son and traveling, I managed to squeeze in a saison brewing session last Saturday. Gonna try and brew two more times in the next three weeks if possible.
Al B
08/07/07 02:56 PM  
Re: Is everyone too busy brewing?
Time to crank it up!!

Al B Brewin' schedule:

1. Dubbel

2. Wit

3. Roggenbier

4. Spotaneously fermented ale

5. Smoked (apple-wood) Porter

6. Historical brew?

08/07/07 07:32 PM  
Re: Is everyone too busy brewing?
Just brewed a british bitter two weekends ago..is on tap and serving very nice.
Scott Jackson
08/08/07 01:21 PM  
Re: Is everyone too busy brewing?
Been busy replentishing my stock from the NHC. Have brewed the following recently:

CAP (10 gallons)

Saison (10 Gallons)

Rye IPA (10 gallons)

Bock (5 gallons - 100% Munich malt)

Dunkle Rye Bock (5 gallons - same mash as above, but strained in .75 lbs of chocolate rye that had been cold-steeped)

On the horizon -

Super Saison (1.090 or so)

Pumpkin beer


Impy Stout

08/08/07 07:12 PM  
Re: Is everyone too busy brewing?
Taking a summer break and scheming for a high-temperature August in NYC brewing series in a few weeks. Tentative plan:

Parti-gyle Saison session to make a Saison Dupont-inspired 6.5%-ish beer and perhaps a 4.5%-ish Grisette-like thing. Will probably repitch for a 'Super' Saison and again later for a mead.

Fall plans include a possible English Ale series, maybe Ordinary Bitter, an ESB or Old Ale, Barleywine. Still tinkering . . .

Still drinking from Spring brewing (my first all-grain attempts):

American IPA (per the DFH 60 method)

Scotch Ale (tried for Traquair House-ish)

Brown Ale-ish thing I made from unexpected 2nd runnings of the IPA fermented with B. Brux and blended with an extract beer sort of modeled on McChouffe (long story).

Tea Mead (still aging, tastes like citrus Everclear now)

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