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07/29/07 08:49 AM  
Bottline with Russian River Wild yeast?
I have a Belgian base beer that I added 2lbs of sour cherries per gallon to after fermentation with Trappit Ale yeast.

The beer is great on its own, but I'm thinking of bottling some up off my keg with some of the Russian River yeast from a starter.

I've done this in the past with my beer gun - bottle off keg into 750ml bottles and add a touch of belgian candy sugar and the carbonation kicks up a few notches while at room temperature and storage is great.

Do you think I should just add a bit of the starter to each bottle without sugar and let these sit for a year or two? The beer has a slight sourness from the cherries, but I'd like to see what happens.


07/30/07 09:27 AM  
Re: Bottline with Russian River Wild yeast?
I sometimes add a bit of brett to a few bottles at bottling. I make a 10 mL starter in a test tube, and when it's fermented shake well and add 1 mL to each bottle. I have not had problems with overcarbonation, but that doesn't mean you couldn't! So... I agree, if the beer is already well carbonated then adding more sugar wouldn't make sense. Anyway, for me the bugs show their presence in much less than a year... more like a couple months.
Mike Mraz
07/31/07 06:08 PM  
Re: Bottline with Russian River Wild yeast?
What is your FG? If it around 1.015 I would not add the RR wild yeast at bottling. There is too much sugars left for the wild yeast to eat. Now if you are around 1.010 you should be safe..

You also might want to let some of the co2 out of the beer and use good bottles.

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