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Mike Mraz
07/31/07 06:38 PM  
Making a Belgian Dark Strong with 100% brett
I have been thinking about making another 100% brett beer. After the brett swap that we did I started to think about making a brett beer with more of a complex grain build and a SG around 1.090. If this beer gets to a FG of 1.009-1.006(most of my brett beers get to 1.006-1.005) it will be about 11%ABV.(will bett do that) I have all four strains of the brett but I was thinking of using the Lambicus. mabe mixing two strains what do you think any ideas?
07/31/07 06:56 PM  
Re: Making a Belgian Dark Strong with 100% brett
Brett C. and the Fantome strain worked for me! Your specs are in the ball park of my "olde ale". I think the mix with Brett L. is a fine idea, I have done that with another beer and am very pleased with the result.
08/06/07 06:00 PM  
Re: Making a Belgian Dark Strong with 100% brett
Bretts can certainly withstand higher alcohol percentages....Although you don't really see them commercially, except for a few examples - Cuvee de Tomme, Oer Bier Reserva, and Abbaye De St. Bon Chien, it is definitly possible to do. I attented a brett seminar recently hosted by White Labs and they discussed this. Bretts can do better than a lot of regular ale yeasts in that environment. They posed the idea of using brett in mead, which I thought was a pretty intruiging idea... after the seminar and trying the aforementioned commercial brews I was driven to try my own high-gravity wild brew and I made an extremely strong ale with an OG of 1.13.....I used the WL extra high gravity yeast, the WL Sour Blend, and added the dregs of a cantillon in the secondary... can't wait to see how it turns out!
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