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09/28/07 01:07 PM  
Re: Flanders Red: How much fruit? What to infect
"I won't be checking on my beer for another few months, but I'll be ready to bottle it when I do if it has gotten sour as fast as yours did."

I fermented very warm, 80-90 degrees the whole time...I think that had a lot to do with how tart it became so quickly

Mike T
09/28/07 01:25 PM  
Re: Flanders Red: How much fruit? What to infect
Ah, mine is going low and slow, I have it inside my old fermentation fridge, but with the power off. I imagine that it is hovering around 70 now, but it will probably go even lower as it is in a room off my parentsí garage that they kindly allow me to pack full of aging beer both in carboys and bottles.

Has anyone ever done a comparison between different aging temps for sour beers? I know most Belgian breweries age their lambics at ambient "farmhouse" temperatures, but I believe 3 Fonteinen and Russian River both temp control their barrel rooms. I find RR and 3F to have much softer acidity, which I personally prefer to the harsher sour flavors of say a Cantillon.

09/28/07 01:50 PM  
Re: Flanders Red: How much fruit? What to infect
Yes most belgian lambic producers don't even brew in the summer because it's too hot and the acid producing bacterias get out of control.

I enjoy beers with the intensity of cantillon so I don't mind letting it get nice warm to get those acids.... I also used the WY farmhouse ale yeast which can go up to 85 or 90 so I wasn't concerned about off flavors from fermenting sacch. at too high a temp. I was hoping to get a quicker fermentation for this, another reason why I left it in those temps.

Definitely keep us updated so we can compare our own beers with diff. temp ranges.

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