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08/09/07 04:19 PM  
Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with same so
The other day I racked a beer containing Fantome bugs to the secondary. Afterwards I cleaned off the racking cane with soap and water and a sponge. The next day I bottled an IPA, and forgetting I used the sponge the day before on a bit of Brett. equipment, I washed my regular cane/hose and bottling bucket with said sponge, as well as the air lock and lid that was on the fermenter containing the IPA (the bucket was washed later with a different sponge) after bottling.

So, what are the chances that I have now contaminated my regular equipment? The contact was short and minor, and with addition of soap and hot water, I'm HOPING the risk is minimal. I just purchased this racking cane, after breaking two others recently and I really don't want to drop another 8 or 12 bucks or whatever it is to get yet another. I actually need a bottling bucket for my brett. beers but I was hoping to use a different one. Is it too late for this equipment?

08/09/07 05:25 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
It sounds like you are only using soap and water for both cleaning and sanitizing?

08/09/07 05:46 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
No I sanitize with OneStep usually..... I both wash and sanitize before use and then wash after use. Tomorrow I was planning on soaking the bottling bucket, racking cane, hose, airlock, washers, etc. in bleach. I know it's safer to just buy new hosing and other rubber fittings but since the contact was quick I'm thinking the bleach will do the trick for what little bit of brett may have hitched a ride.
08/09/07 07:30 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
When it comes to anything plastic - chances are that even if you sanitized it well, plastic can still harbor the little critters in very small scratches that the sanitizer can't reach. I would highly recommend buying new equipment for your no buggy brews.If it was stainless or glass I wouldn't be concerned if you used great cleaning and sanitizing procedures.
08/09/07 08:35 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
Well I do have seperate set ups....

I used a sponge to clean a little bit of my Brett. equipment (the racking cane).... and then used the same sponge to clean items of my other set the next day (with soap and hot water)....I'm concerned about the sponge itself contaminating the regular set up. I'm trying to find peoples opinions on whether the brett. would catch hold on the sponge after a quick wipe down of a racking cane or not, and then would the brett. stay alive long enough until the next day, on the soapy sponge, to contaminate my other equipment while washing that stuff with soap and hot water.

I think it might also be worth mentioning the beer had not been sitting around long with bugs, only 3 weeks or so. I'm assuming because the bugs were not in full swing there would be less of a chance of it surviving.

Cisco, you think that would be enough to seriously contaminate the non-brett-set, even if I bleach all the things that came into contact with this sponge?

Sean White
08/09/07 10:10 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
Yeah the sponge could get contaminated with brett and some of the brett could get onto your other equipment and this could sneak in a crack and get into your other beer, possibly, but what about the fact that most sponges are just fairly rife with bacterial growth and probably wild yeast too?

I don't know. Brett can be pretty strong stuff, but I bet some household wild yeast is pretty strong too. We feel pretty safe killing that with sanitizer. Sometimes it's better to avoid the ulcer and just get new stuff. If it were me I'd probably be a cheapskate and bleach the stuff. But some other better homebrewer who's never had an infected batch would probably buy new tubes.

08/10/07 03:17 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
Just using a sponge sounds nasty, regardless of brett or no brett. I use white cotton cloths that I use once and then launder with bleach. I've read that dishrags and sponges are the filthiest things in your house.
08/10/07 03:19 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
I've never had an issue.....
08/10/07 04:22 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
...yet. And you've set yourself up to see what the odds are if you dare to use the equipment for non brett brewing. Plastic and sponges are wonderful carriers of contamination. Also remember that you may not notice anything for the first few batches until they have aged quite a while.
08/10/07 04:48 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
Aaaaaaargh...... I guess I should get new stuff....dag nabit!.....I was trying to avoid that....
Al B
08/10/07 10:32 PM  
Re: Cleaning regular and brett. equipment with sam
Gads. A sponge is a Microbiologist's nightmare.

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