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Matt Mac
08/10/07 06:39 AM  
Fermentis Yeast Strains
Has anyone tried the fermentis yeast strains T58 and S33? S33 in particular claims to be suitable for Belgian Wheat and Trappist beers. I have used the fermentis English and American ale strains with success - I wondered if anyone could tell me what to expect from these speciality strains.
08/10/07 10:10 AM  
Re: Fermentis Yeast Strains
I have heard that S33 is the old Edme strain (an English strain) and is not at all suited to Belgian style brewing. But I have not used it.

T-58 is a strange bird, and I have used it a few times. It creates some tropical fruit esters but also tilts in the German banana/clove direction. Hard to describe and the only thing to do is try it and see if you like it. Makes an interesting wheat beer that's somewhere between German and Belgian style. I'd use a high pitch rate to keep the esters under control, at least the first time around.

08/10/07 10:53 AM  
Re: Fermentis Yeast Strains
One of our local brewpubs used S-33 for their oak aged grand cru. I had a sample just shortly after they put it on the oak (they just recently released it on tap). It had mild "Belgian" type character, particularly with the perfumey/floral fusels. Of the liquid strains it is probably closest to 1762 Abbey II (reportedly Rochefort). If it is the old EDME, it behaves differently.

I've only used T58 as a bottling yeast, and cannot comment on it as the primary fermentation yeast.

Ross Lunato
08/10/07 11:13 AM  
Re: Fermentis Yeast Strains
Baums describes my impression of T-58 exactly. In addition, I've noticed that head retention problems show up when I use the T-58. Go for it with a spicey summer wheat beer but I'd cold condition after fermentation then keg it. I wouldn't bottle condition with the T-58 because the quality of the carbonation, the fizz if I may say, really is strange. Very large, coarse looking bubbles. Weird.
08/10/07 11:22 AM  
Re: Fermentis Yeast Strains
Noticed the exact same thing about T-58 and S-04 head retention. No such problems with US-56 though. Odd.

It does seem to get better as weeks pass in the bottle.

08/11/07 08:39 PM  
Re: Fermentis Yeast Strains
I'm sure I've tried every beer yeast Fermentis makes over the last few years. T-58 stands out however because I just keged a Belgium specialty ale made with it. To be honest it's not something I'm crazy about in anything but maybe a wheat; however, in a pinch it will do. Any beer made with it will be much improved with a little ageing. Wyeast 1388 is my Belgium work horse and I'm probably a little biased.
Matt Mac
08/13/07 05:20 AM  
Re: Fermentis Yeast Strains
Thanks for the replies.

My experiences with S-04 and US-56 (or 05 or whatever they're calling it now) have been good but I think I'll pitch a White Labs or Wyeast yeast for my upcoming Belgian brews.

But would a pack of US56 at bottling time be a good call?

07/24/08 08:35 PM  
Re: Fermentis Yeast Strains
I just bottled my first Dubbel brewed with T-58, started at 1.060/75F, moderate aeration, at first it was throwing a huge banana aroma, I got the primary temp up to 80F and that kind of died down, by day 3 it had slowed and was showing some H2S; I fed it another 6 points of invert sugar and stirred it in (may have slightly aerated it there) - it kicked right up again and then the banana blew off and it started making spicy, peppery notes. Racked at day 5 and it fermented slowly at 65 for another month. Tasted and smelled pretty much on target style at bottling, although time will tell; maybe a tad Hefeweizen-y, but more clove than banana, and some more complex aromas. I'll start sampling in a few weeks, if it seems to be coming along in the right direction, I may brew a Tripel with it too.
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