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08/10/07 11:02 PM  
Fruit juice for bottling sour brew
Anybody ever use fruit juice for bottle conditioning? I was wondering whether it might be possible to bottle a flemish red type beer with cherry or raspberry juice (100% fresh pressed fruit juice, not from concentrate, no sugar added). I figure I could maybe just add up the sugars on the label to the amount of dextrose I might add.......any reasons not to try this?

The beer I'm thinking about has been in the secondary for about 8 months after 2 in the primary, and it's more watery than expected after an OG of around 1.061 or so. More horsey and less sour than I would have liked. I used the WY Lambic Blend for full primary fermentation.

08/11/07 02:25 PM  
Re: Fruit juice for bottling sour brew
I think the main argument against priming with fruit juice has been variability of results. Even using an unrefined sugar has some risk to it in understanding the exact quantity of fermentables and thus carbonation it will yield. Invert sugar is quite predictable, malt extracts a little less so. Beyond that my sense is that you are in less stable territory.

FWIW, I primed a fruit mead with pomegranate juice last year and the resulits were disappointing. However, I'm not certain if that was due to the use of fruit juice or other potential errors on my part(11% ABV and no yeast added at priming, underestimated the total volume by .75 gal in the priming calc, etc.) I did try to use the same calculation logic that you mention, though.

Anyhow, that's just my $0.02. Would be glad to hear from others hear with different experiences, at least partially 'cause I'm still intrigued with the notion myself.

08/11/07 03:17 PM  
Re: Fruit juice for bottling sour brew
That's what I was thinking....but I'm glad someone with actual experience chimed in.
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