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Matt Mac
08/16/07 05:08 AM  
When do hops start smelling hoppy?
My homegrown hops have started to produce cones albeit small inch or so long ones. I picked one and rubbed it between my hands for a good face-full of hoppy and got.... nothing. When can I expect some hop aroma?
08/16/07 10:39 AM  
Re: When do hops start smelling hoppy?
Is there yellow powder in the base of the cone "leaves"? That's your smelly stuff.

Also watch out for high heat--I have heard stories of the aroma just disappearing when hops are grown in very high heat (I think it was Texas).

08/16/07 04:54 PM  
Re: When do hops start smelling hoppy?
There was just a thread about this on one of the AHA Tech Talk emails....someone asked the same question and another person responded by saying the hop flowers wont smell until fully ripe and ready to pick, as baums was stated..
08/16/07 04:57 PM  
Re: When do hops start smelling hoppy?
..as Baums HAS stated...
08/16/07 07:13 PM  
Re: When do hops start smelling hoppy?
I just harvested mine the other night and they are drying right now. The yellow powder at the base as someone mentioned is a telltale sign.

Check em out - cascades:


Matt Mac
08/17/07 06:16 AM  
Re: When do hops start smelling hoppy?
Great thanks. I guess they just need a little longer on the vine. The summer we've had has been very wet and little sunshine so I'm not surprised that they're "late". I'm going to be visiting relatives in Canada for much of September so hopefully they'll be ready for harvesting when I return.
08/17/07 09:07 AM  
Re: When do hops start smelling hoppy?
I have found fresh or wet hop aroma to be lower than that of the dried flower. I suspect that the water along with the vegative matter binds the volitile oils so less is released. In fact a get a lot of vegtable aroma from wet hops. This is just my hypothesis.

It also depends on the varieties. My Santiams have a wonderful aroma when wet, but even better when dry. The goldings have almost no aroma, except vegative, when wet. Sadly, when dry my goldings are disappointing.


08/17/07 02:03 PM  
Re: When do hops start smelling hoppy?
Interesting to here about Santiam, how do you like it? I have a Santiam variety going for it's second year now. Don't think I'll get enough dried to make a whole brew, maybe an ounce or two for flavoring something. I've never used this hop variety before, what's it like in terms of aroma and flavor?
08/17/07 05:30 PM  
Re: When do hops start smelling hoppy?
I'd describe them as a stronger version of Tettnang, herbal with hints of mint. I've read that some people get a bit of citrus, but I've never noticed that. I think they work wonderfully in Belgian type beers. I have used them for bitter, flavor, and aroma.

My bine is a strong producer. Most years I harvest about 0.75-1.0 lbs of dried flowers (about 2/3 a paper grocery sack), from two bines. The cones are long, typically 2-3 inches. They do well in partial sun.

If I had to do it over agian, I'd replace my golding and cascade bines with Santiam. It is very under rated in my opinion.

08/17/07 05:37 PM  
Re: When do hops start smelling hoppy?
Great to know....My Santiam vine has really taken off in it's second year but I don't think it will be until next summer that I'll get a full harvest...can't wait!
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