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08/19/07 07:19 PM  
...stop the runnings at a specific gravity of 1.01
Hi All,

I have mostly eliminated tannin extraction since I am getting better at mashing/sparging/pH but I don't understand "...desirable to stop the runnings at a specific gravity of 1.010..." relation to tannin extraction as described in promash (see below).

Do all of you AG folks take a gravity reading at this point?


Runnings Stopped At

The Specific Gravity at which point you stop collecting the runnings from the mash into the kettle. Normally it is desirable to stop the runnings at a specific gravity of 1.010, as collecting runnings beyond this point may extract harsh tannins from the mash. Because most mash runnings are not at the correct temperature to be measured, you can simply click on the "Hydro Calculator" button to automatically correct the SG reading of your hydrometer at any given temperature.

08/20/07 11:59 AM  
Re: ...stop the runnings at a specific gravity of
Since I'm a batch sparger who only does one or two runoffs I don't worry about it--the first and second runoffs are well over 1.010 for my beers.
Sean White
08/20/07 08:21 PM  
Re: ...stop the runnings at a specific gravity of
I don't check gravity, I just stick to ratios when fly sparging. I've checked gravity of final runnings and they have always been over 1.010 when I stopped.

If you mash at 1.25 qts per gallon, sparge with no more than 1.5 qts per gallon, and keep your mash ph in a good range, you should be fine.

08/21/07 07:23 AM  
Re: ...stop the runnings at a specific gravity of
DBear, I grain brewed for a while and never did this. Then I heard the rule and started taking readings. Turns out I had been fine all along. After a few times I failed to see the point, so now-a-days I do not check gravity on my sparge but I'm sure I'm fine.
08/21/07 11:43 AM  
Re: ...stop the runnings at a specific gravity of
I actually stop sparging when the liquid tastes like it has no sugar and I just start to sense some tea like tannins, which is usually above 1.010. You can also use PH to measure when to stop, I believe 5.8 to 6.
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