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08/20/07 12:21 AM  
I'm planning to make a 9.5% ABV 'super' saison next month on the general plan of the Dupont 'Avec Les Bons Voeux' and it occurred to me after appreciating some recent attempts like the Houblon Chouffe that it might be fun to use some American hops for the late addition or dry-hopping.

Has anyone developed an opinion on this? I recall the HC uses Amarillo, and my current options are that, Crystal or Centennial But I am also interested to hear thoughts on any strain.

Also, on an non-US-centric note, any particularly good results with Strisselspalt in the same role?

08/20/07 12:22 AM  
American Hops in Belgian-style beer
Whoops, sorry - the actual thread title should be 'American Hops in Belgian-style Beer' - the actual is a mis-spelling of my email. SteveG, would it be possible you fix it?
08/20/07 11:15 AM  
Re: seagurtbrewery@msn.com
I too have tried to make a beer in the vein of Houblon Chouffe using American hops. I used the same recipe I do for my regular IPA but switched the yeast to WY3522 Ardennes. I used Simcoe with either cascade or Amarillo, I forget which. The result was not what I was hoping for. The belgian yeast really killed a lot of the hop flavors from the boil, and the hop aroma died away quick. The beer was good, just not like a Chouffe Hublon, more just like a belgian golden strong ale. If I were to make this beer again I would bump up my hop additions. I enjoyed the way the simcoe tasted, giving it a nice citrusy character. Although HC is brewed with Amarillo (and Tomohawk i think?) I think they use Saaz for the dry hopping.

Centennial might be interesting to try as it is like a suped-up cascade in character.

Amarillo is good in anything!

I've never used crystal so I'm not sure what characteristics it adds to beer.

If you can get your hands on some, I just brewed several beers using Nelson Sauvin hops. All delicious! It's my favorite hop variety now, along with Simcoe and amarillo. The flavor and aroma is somewhat like Simcoe, but so far people liken the flavors/aromas to white wine, or Sauvignon Blanc. If you look it up online most profiles say it has "unidentified flavor characteristics." But trust me if you like hops you'll really enjoy this variety. I know somebody who brewed a saison with Sauvin but I haven't spoken to him in a long time to see how it turned out. I think it would definitly be interesting to try.

Hope this helps!


08/20/07 11:23 AM  
Re: seagurtbrewery@msn.com
Just to confirm, checked out the Houblon C. bottle - Amarillo, Tomahawk, and Saaz is what they use.
08/21/07 06:34 PM  
American Hops in Belgian-style beer
Thanks for the feedback, BP - I haven't yet seen Nelson Sauvin from my usual suppliers (my most recent order is from Austin Homebrew) but am eager to check them out.

Amarillo definitely seems like its in the lead at the moment - I think I will probably do a bittering addition with Kent Goldings and then blend Amarillo & Saaz for flavor/aroma to a total of maybe 40 IBU.

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