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Sean White
08/20/07 08:26 PM  
OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!
Oh man, I just racked my 1st all-brett beer to secondary, and man, it was just repulsive!!!

Okay, maybe I'm exagerating by a bit but not much.

The half I fermented on Clausenni smelled garbagy and was extremely phenolic-bitter. The half I fermented on Bruxenellis was slightly better but still very horsey/phenolic.

Is there any chance that this stuff mellows out or is this beer destinied for the drain? I'm not going to do anything rash, but what are your experiences with brett at about the 3 week point? My beer was fermented at 80 degrees.

08/21/07 07:19 AM  
Re: OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!
The rules regarding brett fermentation are very different from conventional brewing. In general I think evaluating a brett beer after 3 weeks is like evaluating a childs schoolastic development at 3 years old. Sean, take a gravity reading in October, lets talk about it then.
Al B
08/21/07 07:36 AM  
Re: OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!

A few questions. How much Brett did you pitch? Was it pitched from the vial/pouch or did you use a starter?

How long did it take before fermentation began? Its early yet, but its a possibility that contamination occurred.

Sean White
08/21/07 09:12 AM  
Re: OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!
I posted the recipe under the thread "first all-brett beer".

I pitched 1 vial/pack per each 2.5 gallon batch. I wanted to make a starter but I didn't have time. Fermentation took about 18-24 hours to really kick off but sanitation was good and I don't suspect contamination.

I'm not too worried about the beer yet and even if it's a drain-pour, it was still a learning experience and I'll probably try it again.

08/21/07 01:14 PM  
Re: OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!
Lesson learned: Always make a starter!
Sean White
08/21/07 04:55 PM  
Re: OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!
Well, I already fully believe in making a starter. I bent the rules a little on this batch, but it's still 2 vials per five gallons, which is not ideal, but not that bad either. It could be a factor IF this beer turns out gross, but so could fermentation temperature. It's not fair to assume a slightly underpitched batch is the problem.
08/21/07 05:17 PM  
Re: OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!
Sean, in some ways making beer with brett means throwing out what you know about brewing. This is one example. In conventional homebrewing a starter is a very good idea, but you can do OK just pitching a vial. After all, it says right on the thing that enough yeast to do the job is contained within.

Brett is different though, I really think the starter stops being an enhancement or even optional. I think to have success here it must be seen to be as a necessary as boiling is in regular brewing.

Al B
08/22/07 08:31 AM  
Re: OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!

I don't want to assume anything, but the vials of Bretts from WL were originally designed to be added to a secondary fermentation. The clausenii culture, in my experience and another brewer in our Brett swap, had a long "lag phase" - that is, it took a number of days for propagation to get the cells going. Second, the vial clearly had less cell mass (i.e. less popualtion).

Considering these 2 factors (slow start to growth and Fermentation of Brett and lower Population), aeration + warm temps giving femrentation in 18-24hrs, and the flavor description of the brew..........it sounds like bacterial contamination. Hopefully not.

Al B

08/22/07 11:06 AM  
Re: OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!
Al or anyone else,

Have you ever plated b. claussenii right out of the WLP tube? If so, what grew?


Al B
08/22/07 11:17 AM  
Re: OMFG! first taste of all-brett SO BAD!!!
I dumped the vial in a small starter, but was later plated out. I have an agar slant in the refridge as a stock culture. Why do you ask?

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