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08/25/07 06:58 AM  
Historical swap #1 - Barclay Perkins
So there was lots of feedback about a historical swap. Too much actually IMO to make it a good research project. The only answer is to think about a few different ones. So for the first I'm looking at Ron's archived info on Barclay Perkins. I'd like to kick this one into gear, see who is interested in making a stout of porter from Ron's list.

I have little to base a selection on, I ended up going for FSt (some kind of stout I guess) cause I liked the malt mix and gravity. Anyone else who wants to dig into this, let me ask for some help, one thing is throwing me.

Go to: www.europeanbeerguide.net Not too far down is the "Homebrew challenge - big prizes" section. From there click on "Barclay Perkins". Find FSt under 1805. This recipe appears to call for 3.02 lbs of hops. Actually some call for more. Thats per barrel, so it looks to me like that would translate to 8 oz per 5 gallon batch. He stipulates this should be reduced by 25% to account for old time breweries using old hops, so then this 1048 wort would need 6 oz of Goldings. Is that what you get? Man that seems like a lot.

Actually for this swap it doesn't necessarily have to be just Barclay Perkins, Ron has a couple others in there too. So lets say the premise of this swap is UK beers from about the first quarter of the 19th century. Anyway, comments on the hops thing are welcome!!

Al B
08/27/07 10:00 AM  
Re: Historical swap #1 - Barclay Perkins

I'm still eye-ballin' the 1805 TT porter from Barclay. Hop load looks to be 1.875oz/3gal. I think its 36 gal/barrel for beer (including porter) - and 32Gal for ale. So the FSt would be about 5.7oz/5gal? I think I saw somewhere that the hops were added to water to make a tea and then added to wort?

Al B
08/27/07 11:15 AM  
Re: Historical swap #1 - Barclay Perkins
I wonder how much bitterness was extracted where steeping of the hops in H2O for several hours at 142-172 degrees?
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