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08/28/07 04:34 PM  
100% Brett recipe... any feedback or advice?
I've posted this on a few boards today (sorry if you've seen it before), but want to get as much feedback as possible. Here are my initial thoughts for a 5.25 gallon recipe for a 100% Brett. beer that I hope will finish with a malty/slightly roasty flavor and cherry/pineapple tartness/sourness. Any thoughts/insights would be greatly appreciated.

66.7% 7.00lb Optic

14.3% 1.50lb British Brown Malt

9.5% 1.00lb Malted Rye

9.5% 1.00lb Munich

1.00oz Hallertau (Whole) 60 min

0.25oz Willamette (Whole) 20 min

0.25oz Hallertau (Whole) 20 min

0.25oz Willamette (Whole) 2 min

Single infusion mash at 154 - 60 min

Mash out at 168 - 15 min

Batch Sparge at 172

Ferment at 70ish F with a large starter of B. lambicus and B. claussenii in hopes of creating a cherry pineapple kind of sour to compliment the malty backbone of this beer.

The vitals based on an estimated 82% AA (this is my best guess on the % AA for Brett.)

OG - 1.054

FG - 1.010

IBU - 16

SRM - 15

ABV - 5.7%

08/29/07 09:51 AM  
Re: 100% Brett recipe... any feedback or advice?
One thing I can say pretty much for sure, another that is a prediction...

Assume your FG is high. 1007 is about the highest I've heard for a beer like this. And be patient in getting there.

I think you will not get the flavor profile you are describing. C. can give you a pineapple finish but I've tasted C. beers that did not. L. can give you some cherry but not always. I predict that if they go in together that the L. will be dominent, but I don't really know that for sure. I've done some bug blending with C. and my impression is that its easily masked.

Oh, and IMO you should not get your heart set on it having a malty backbone.

09/08/07 05:23 PM  
Re: 100% Brett recipe... any feedback or advice?
In regards to the b. lambicus which are you using? The whitelabs and wyeast strains are different. Whitelabs has a smokey brett quality to it, without any noticble pie cherry quality. The wyeast does have the pie cherry quality.

In regards to flavor/aroma profile, throw any and all expectations out the window. I had posted about this a while ago, but I had a slurry containg both lambicus strains that took a spot on ripe pinapple aroma.

09/10/07 09:40 AM  
Re: 100% Brett recipe... any feedback or advice?
I'm using the WLP version of both strains (LHBS had both in stock). I have been stepping up my starters on both of these in prep for a brew day at the end of this month. Yesterday I decanted off the slurry to step them up to 3L. Based on my taste tests from the decanted samples (I quick carbed and cooled...no need to waste beer), I was getting more of a tropical fruit flavor (not quite Pineapple) from the C, and a smokey tartness from the L. I can see that the flavors from the C could be easily masked as suggested by SteveG, so I plan on doing a staggered pitching starting with the C and adding the L when approx. 1/2-2/3 of the fermentation has been completed. I don't have too many expaectations regarding the finished product, but I'm greatly encouraged by my initial tastes of the cultures I have going. I see a lot of Brett in my future.....
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