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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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09/04/07 10:15 AM  
A general invite for fresh hops
Anyone here who is within reasonable driving distance of northern New Jersey has an invite to do some fresh hop harvesting. I pulled 10 ounces off the vines yesterday for my annual fresh hop beer, didn't make a dent. The vines are now 3 years old and the cones smelled just great in the harvesting bucket. I'll ultimately be tossing way, way more of the hops than I'll use, if anyone would like to enjoy the hop harvest/fresh hop brewing experience just let me know. There is probably a 2 or 3 week window here. Steve
09/04/07 11:01 AM  
Re: A general invite for fresh hops
These are Cascades...

09/04/07 05:22 PM  
Re: A general invite for fresh hops
Wish I had seen this earlier! Just came back from camping in upstate New York and would have definitly stopped by for some hops! Oh well...how far from Philly are you? I'm assuming maybe 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours?
09/04/07 05:24 PM  
Re: A general invite for fresh hops
...and just out of curiosity, how come you're not drying and freezing the rest?
09/06/07 10:01 AM  
Re: A general invite for fresh hops
Philly is about 2 hours, actually I drove there Saturday morning for some brewing supplies and a bit of lunch! I'm a few minutes from where 206 and 80 meet.

I enjoy working with Cascade a little, but by and large it is not my preference. In the winter I make mostly lagers, when I'm not doing that I'm doing crazy wild beers. Not all that Cascade friendly stuff IMO. One or two Cascade beers in the fall is plenty to hold me over till the next harvest.

09/06/07 02:54 PM  
Re: A general invite for fresh hops

Cascade is not exactly my favorite hop either but I do enjoy it and I've been on an IPA/PA kick lately....it's easy to combine with other varities.

I'm busy this weekend but maybe next I can make the small excursion over there...I'll let you know over the week.

Where did you decide to go for lunch in the cité?

09/06/07 03:03 PM  
Re: A general invite for fresh hops
Ended up in Abbeye, mainly cause you don't get the parking hassels in Northern Liberties. I have thought for like the last year that Standard Tap opened later, as I learned popping into the Foodery I could have gone there instead. Much as I like Abbeye I'd have gone to the tap had I gotten the times right. Next time...
Dave K
09/07/07 03:36 PM  
Re: A general invite for fresh hops
I've got some year old 'Nugget' hops that are about ready for harvesting. It's pretty exciting- I can't wait to use them. Have fun with the fresh hops brewing, Steve!
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