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09/04/07 12:16 PM  
Bottling a REALLY high gravity beer
Hey guys I read the thread on bottling high gravity beers and I have a couple of questions. We have a REALLY high gravity beer to bottle. It 5G of a 14.5% Samiclaus clone which used the WLP885 Zurich Lager Yeast (we didn't save any). We want to add some fresh healthy yeast to the bottling bucket. Any idea how much we should add, and would WLP001 work for this? We have some left over from a recent Pale Ale. We can re-pitch some of it in a starter on a stir plate prior to using it to bottle if that would help.
09/04/07 01:16 PM  
Re: Bottling a REALLY high gravity beer
Not speaking from experience but pure conjecture, I would guess that 14% will kill 001. What about champagne yeast?

Supposed to be pretty neutral and stable in high alchohol.

09/04/07 05:37 PM  
Re: Bottling a REALLY high gravity beer
What was the FG?
Ross Lunato
09/04/07 10:40 PM  
Re: Bottling a REALLY high gravity beer
Why not acquire and use more of the WLP885 yeast? It obviously can handle the higher abv% and you wouldn't risk changing the brews' flavor profile during age evolution.

As for the amount of yeast, most Belgian brewers pitch 1-3 million cells/milliliter of beer for bottle conditioning.

Check out BLAM for more details.

Also, Pierre Rajotte's Belgian Ales has a chapter on bottle condtioning which is very informative.

One more thing, I believe Vinnie Cilurzo and Tomme Arthur both use white wine yeast for bottle conditioning.

I know you have thought of it but I'd probably keg it and call it a day rather than risk a flat and ruined batch of such carefully brewed beer. At least you could counter pressure bottle fill after keg conditioning if you want too.

09/05/07 09:59 AM  
Re: Bottling a REALLY high gravity beer
The Sami clone had an FG around 1.030. I'll take a look at BLAM to see about suggestions for pitching rates.
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