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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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09/13/07 09:43 AM  
BTW, been out sick a couple days
I have all the info I need for the swap, Mike I regret that there is no more room. Sometimes people sign up then withdraw, not this time. DBear, I'll take down the request for your info tomorrow, and I'll also start the process of determining session timing. Looks like we're going 2 mini-sessions. We have one person moving end of month, so some of us will want to look at shipping even if we don't have sessions scheduled.
09/13/07 11:35 AM  
Re: BTW, been out sick a couple days
Thanks Steve,

I will be in Italy from 9/21-10/2. If this will mess up the session timing, you can bump me to the next one.

BTW - any suggestions for pubs or breweries in Rome, Todi, Florence?


09/13/07 11:53 AM  
Re: BTW, been out sick a couple days
In Rome I found a nice Irish pub that even had Belgian bottled beer available. Can't remember the name but it was quite obvious for an Irish pub name. Florence had a good selection of German beers. Never found any breweries. While you're there start looking for beers brewed in the far north of Italy because they are getting a reputation for Belgian brewing techniques, even soured beers.
09/13/07 12:32 PM  
Re: BTW, been out sick a couple days
I have a plan I'll be emailing everyone tomorrow. It involves each of us sending a bottle to 4 others and receiving 4. There is some overlap, but you don't necessarily ship to the same 4 you receive from. Then we all participate in the same session, but everyone does not participate in every beer. Everyone is involved with 5 of the 8 brews (the 4 they received plus their own).

Less shipping but we don't have to fragment this into two isolated groups. We spend a bit less time on each beer so we can get 8 in in one session, and everyone gets a break (they can step away when they don't have the beer being popped).

DBear - here's the thing. We need to finalize this tomorrow and you have to ship immediately. Sorry for the pressure dude, but if you are not able to ship before you leave for Europe I'll need to factor someone else in. Here's why. One person has to receive everything before the end of the month as they need to vacate their apartment but don't know where they are moving to yet. So he'll need to get his beers soon, within a week or so from now. Plus, we were looking to do the session this month. We can push that back a bit, but IMO if you don't ship till you return it will really hold things up. So the question is, will you be ready to ship next Monday or Tuesday?

Oh, last detail, the other board would really be a better place to ask about places to visit in Italy.

Ross Lunato
09/13/07 01:48 PM  
Re: BTW, been out sick a couple days
Hope you are feeling better Steve.
Al B
09/13/07 02:00 PM  
Re: BTW, been out sick a couple days
Steve -

Interesting scenerio - sounds good. I have already packaged a few for N8 + Cisco already (but I sorta "owe" them). They'll be gettin' an extra mystery brew.

But if that doesn't jive, I'm flexible. Someone will just have to drink a BIG bottle (as I'll be running out of small ones).

09/13/07 03:33 PM  
Re: BTW, been out sick a couple days

I understand the time pressure (i need to get ready for the trip) so remove me from the swap. Thanks for the opportunity I'll try next time.


09/13/07 06:11 PM  
Re: BTW, been out sick a couple days
OK, sorry it didn't work out. Next time though, you'll like swaps. Al, I don't have my notes handy, I do know I specifically set it up though for you to ship to N8 (and visa versa). I don't know if Cisco is on your list, but if he's not and you feel indebted you could always send a 5th box. I'll take a closer look at what I have though. The balance here is tough to work out, but if I can juggle things to set you up with Cisco 9assuming that is not already the case) I will.
09/13/07 06:30 PM  
Re: BTW, been out sick a couple days
Your original proposal:

For example Cisco, Ross, Al and I would all ship to each other and do our beers in a session. Sean, N8, DBear and Ryan would do the same and taste on another night.

09/14/07 07:10 AM  
Re: BTW, been out sick a couple days
Yeah, the only thing that did not sit well with me there was breaking the thing into two groups that had nothing to do with each other. Going for 2 groups of 4 was a way to make it easy for me as its easy to plan, but I think that's the end of its advantage. This way reduces shipping, keeps the group together and allows for individual breaks during the session. Really, the thing with swaps that helps people grow is exposure to each other. Cutting that in half to make my day easier bothered me. Actually the way I worked it out you are in a similar boat as before anyway, the only real differences (I think, my notes are in the car) is we are shipping 4 bottles not 3 and I think I'm not on your list now.
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