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Mike T
09/13/07 03:41 PM  
Pronunciation help… closs-en-i?
I’m doing an interview for the basic brewing radio podcast tonight on brewing beer without brewers yeast (sample will include beers I’ve made with brett, bread yeast and kombucha cultures).

My problem is that I’ve always had trouble pronouncing “claussenii.” I’m planning on just saying Brett C for the majority of the time, but I’d like to get the actual name out once.

If anyone could lend a hand it would really make my day…

Thanks in advance.

09/13/07 05:11 PM  
Re: Pronunciation help… closs-en-i?
If it helps N. Hjelte Claussen was dutch, so I would guess that it is something like "KLOWS-SEN-I" due to the Germanic influence on the Dutch language and the Netherlands in general. This is purely conjecture based on my knowledge of the German language.
Al B
09/14/07 07:25 AM  
Re: Pronunciation help… closs-en-i?
I would also add that in Latin terms - species ending in a "ii" the first "i" is pronounced as "e" ....so KLOWS-SEN-E-I"

Mike T
09/14/07 08:53 AM  
Re: Pronunciation help… closs-en-i?
Thanks for the help guys, for better or worse we did the Brett half of the 10 beer tasting second so I have virtually no idea how I ended up pronouncing it.

My Flanders Red Kombucha and my hot fermented Brett A saison were the only flops out of 10 beers, and I was expecting both of those. Other than that I think the whole thing went rather smoothly, except for a bit of a rant I went on over the judging of Brett beers and beer judging in general stifling creativity.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me out with Brett brewing information, particularly Sebastian for the great Brett C recipe that was one of the best of the evening.

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