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Ross Lunato
09/16/07 05:27 PM  
Done with Counter Pressure Filling
Brewing Brothers-

With a heavy heart I write to tell you that I have absolutely, without a doubt, bottled my last beer using counter pressure bottle filling methods.


What a very frustrating bottling session. I'm sitting here on Sunday night trying to drink what would otherwise go to waste and and I'm GETTING wasted in the process!!!! Kind of screwy to drink your beer to save it.....weird....like eating your own body parts to stay alive.

I know it is probably the operator; my beer is probably too carbonated to CBBF correctly but what the hell good is a Belgian style beer that is carbonated to 1.5 - 2.0 vols?????

From now on, I'm either going to leave the brew kegged and serve it up from there or I'm bottle condtioning.....period.

I apologize in advance to my Saison swap brothers if these brews are a bit off but I did manage to get them bottled! Drink 'em soon!!!!

09/16/07 06:12 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
Hey Ross! Thanks for all your efforts to get tat beer into bottles. Learn to keg and bottle every time you brew a batch, that's what I do. Although you may need to seriously consider doing larger batches than 3 gallons.

I got everyones beers all boxed up and labels printed for FedEx and they go out tomorow.

Ross Lunato
09/16/07 06:20 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
Hey Cisco;

Glad to hear the brews are boxed up! I'm gonna box 'em tomorrow and take 'em to the Fed Ex joint and ship 'em out. You are definetly right about bottle conditioning and kegging. Man, this sucked today. I hope the brews make it to everyone in drinkable condition. I'm so pissed.

09/16/07 06:45 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
"pissed" ....you mean drunk?!?! from having to drink all the spillage?


Ross..pissed Lunato
09/16/07 06:48 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
Yeah; from the effen spillage! I can tell you've been there before!!!! You crack me up man!
09/17/07 09:16 AM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
I'll be shipping this week, filling my bottles tonight. I use a picnic tap!
Ross Lunato
09/17/07 11:52 AM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
<<I'll be shipping this week, filling my bottles tonight. I use a picnic tap! >>

So what's the secret of not having the all the foaming when using a Picnic tap big guy?

BTW, I'll be in Westbury, LI this week. Not sure how close/far that is from you but I'll be there until Friday night.

09/17/07 12:27 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
First, after you sanatize your bottles to within an inch of their lives (culminating in boiling them) you cap them, let them cool then stick them in the fridge. They should be the same temperature as the beer at bottling time.

A couple days in advance turn up the pressure on the beer to get it a little too fizzy, then bleed it off the day before you fill.

For filling time, first reduce your pressure to just above a trickle. Be sure to bring a glass, fill it and drink it while your bottling. For some reason the first beer I pour is the foamiest, so that one goes in a glass.

Be sure to angle the bottle and fill slowly. The bottled beer will never have all the carbonation of the kegged version, but it can be pretty good. When I fill bottles for competition its not uncommon that I get a comment that there could be more CO2. Its never a deal-breaker though.

I don't think any pan-NYC trips are in the cards this week, shame. It be fun to hook up. That's where you hail from?

Al B
09/17/07 12:37 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
Saison swap -

N8's + Cisco in the mail. Ross box ready.

Mike confirmed partycipant?

09/17/07 01:19 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
Yes, Mike is good to go.
Ross Lunato
09/17/07 01:56 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling

Thanks for the info on your technique for bottle filling; I did everything you described except for reducing the keg pressure the day BEFORE I bottle. Maybe that explains it.

I don't hail from NY, the company I work for is based there and from time to time I have to go there and work on some projects.

I hail originally from northeast Ohio.

09/19/07 09:32 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
I always have this same sense of confusion when someone declares failure with CP bottle filling. I have done it with a Phil's CP filler, A HopTech filler and a modified Phil's CP Filler. I do NOT chill my bottles as some suggest but I do keep my pressure high. I generally bottle in the 15+# range and adjust accordingly to the carbonation level of the beer I'm bottling. I find that most instructions give instructions with too low a pressure setting. Pre-purge your bottles with CO2, get the up to pressure, then bottle without issue.
Ross Lunato
09/19/07 11:38 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
Maybe part of the problem is I use the new Blichman Beer Gun. Filling under high pressure with this model will just be a disaster. Maybe a more traditional counter pressure filler is the way to go.
09/21/07 06:47 PM  
Re: Done with Counter Pressure Filling
A lot of people have success with Blichmann Beer Guns and 1.5 to 2.0 volumes of CO2 is not that high as far as carbonation is concerned. Using the CP fillers I mentioned above I succesfully bottle hefeweizens at 3.5 volumes and higher. I don't know how the Blichmann would fare under such conditions but all I can say is that many homebrewers are successfully CP filling so don't give up.
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