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Dave I
09/20/07 08:58 PM  
Trappist Braggot?
Anybody ever make a Trappist-style Braggot? If so, what kind(s) of honey and yeast did you have luck with? I am thinking something like Ardennes yeast with some aromatic honey, maybe some grape juice (would that make it a Pymet?), but probably just wort and honey. But a Trappist Pymet Braggot (if that is even possible) or maybe a Peach Braggott with a nice Belgian yeast sounds interesting. To me at least.

As for the inspiration, my homebrew club just had a mead tasting, all homebrewed, and I could not help but think how awesome they would be with some nice esters a/o phenols to spice them up. Not sure how well that would work, but I would be interested to hear any success a/o horror stories. And recipes.


09/20/07 11:10 PM  
Re: Trappist Braggot?
I did a belgian style braggot (called it a belgian honey-wheat) which took first for the northeast regional of the 2007 NHC (as belgian specialty). I used a dark wildflower honey, and spices, and, it was very tastey! The dark wf honey left a great full honey flavor, which often gets lost when using lighter honey. I used 5 lbs of honey to 4 lbs of 60/50 wheat/barley DME. You might want to try a lower attenuating belgian yeast, as the honey will dry it out significantly.

I love experimenting with lots of honey...i'm sure you would be pleased with the result.

09/20/07 11:19 PM  
Re: Trappist Braggot?
60/40 Wheat/barley DME, that is
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