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09/27/07 05:17 PM  
Culturing brett from bottle
Last week I brewed an experimental Pale ale type thing using hops from my neighbors garden. she had no idea what variety they were, so I just lightly hopped the following.

11 lbs. 2 row pils

.5 lbs crystal 80

.5 lbs torrified wheat

1 oz Unknown hops FWH

.5 oz Unknown hops 30 min

.5 oz Unknown hops 1 min

.5 oz Unknown hops dry (3 days)

Fermented with 1056 ale yeast.

OG: 1.057

Four days later I find I have a very boring/characterless pale ale (1.017) that ain't very tasty. So here is my idea:

I'd like to rack a gallon of this into a small carboy and pitch the dregs from an all Brett. saison. Is it sufficient to simply flame the mouth of the bottle and dump the last inch of beer into the carboy? will the yeast rouse without getting them going in a starter first?

And finally, will this add some dimensionality to the beer? I've also thought about adding oak chips, maybe soaked in bourbon or red wine.


09/27/07 06:31 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
I've added bottle dregs (without a starter) with success, in the primary, and no flame was needed....maybe for a secondary addition you should make a small starter, but I don't know if that's necessary for inocculation.....

As long as you swirl around the last 10% of the beer to rouse the yeast bed, you should be fine....Are you making a gallon to bottle later just for kicks or are you making a starter for something else?

09/27/07 06:40 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
no I was going to make a gallon to bottle just to see if I can improve on the failed wild hops experiment. I thought maybe I could funkify the thing and since I've only just become to brew with bugs (I just pitched Vinnies blend into secondary a few weeks ago), I was considering this as a possibility.

I was going to use a saison that I received from cisco but he just informed me that he bottled with a Farmhouse strain so I don't know if there would be enough Brett in that beer to funk the pale. Any other ideas? what about oak?

09/27/07 07:17 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
The brett. might still come through but it would take much longer to build up.

In terms of quality, I'm not so sure simply oaking something that isn't too great in the first place will make much of a difference. Do you have any local places to buy a commercial sour brew? You could trying using dregs from a lambic or something else with bugs...

or if nothing else maybe save that beer for those pesky guests to enjoy? ; )

09/27/07 07:29 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
dregs from a commercial sour could be great but Is there an example that is all Brett? The only reason I'd like to go straight Brett. is because I already have a beer that I'll be waiting two years on and I'd like to try to sour something in a reasonable amount of time. Maybe I should just by a culture of Brett from the brew shop?
09/27/07 09:09 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
"Maybe I should just by a culture of Brett from the brew shop?"

Yes, because I do not know of any all brett commercial beer available in the states except Mo Bretta.

09/27/07 09:58 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
Gotcha...well.....what Cisco said.....
09/28/07 05:57 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
<<Yes, because I do not know of any all brett commercial beer available in the states except Mo Bretta.>>

How about Ommegeddon By Ommegang?

I have two bottles in my cellar and its a Brett beer. I don't know if its all brett. it has "a dose of Brett, and a blast of dry hops" whatever that means.

09/28/07 06:04 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
I think they just use brett. for bottling, I suppose it could be worth a try...
09/28/07 06:07 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
I don't think that your brett needs to come from an all brett beer. I've had a lot of success culturing the Orval brett from the bottles, but I would recommend using a starter on it. It will give you a nice pineapple character after a few months that would go well in an APA.
Corky Stewart
09/28/07 06:09 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
I've used the dregs from 2 Orval bottles and had great success, but patience is required. The first time I just poured most of the Orval into a glass, swirled the last 1/2 inch to get the dregs loose and poured it into secondary. The second time I actually made a starter with the dregs and that went a little quicker.
09/28/07 06:12 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
right on.

thanks guys. I'm not too cheap to buy the culture. Its just that the local store doesn't have it and I thought rather than send away for it I could just go with what I have on hand. Maybe I'll try the dregs from the Ommegeddon together with an Orval. I'm guessing that since its going into a single gallon (maybe two) that I would be "ok" without a starter??

Thinking about a lb. of cherries along with the Brett...good idea?

corky stewart
09/28/07 10:17 PM  
Re: Culturing brett from bottle
I hope the cherries are a good idea, I have a brett beer with 8 pounds of cherries in it that I'm going to rack tomorrow and add some campden tablets. It smells awfully good so I'm going to stop it now.
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