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Dave I
09/27/07 08:04 PM  
Trappist Braggot: Please Critique!
Hey, please critique this. All of the specs are below, but the main thing is 16 lbs. of honey (probably Clover Honey) fed in increments, 13 lbs. or Pilsner malt, some CaraPils and Crystal Malt for body and light caramel, oats for silky mouthfeel, and just enough hops and Coriander to enhance the spiciness of the Belgian Ardennes yeast. This will sit for a year, maybe two, and then be well-carbonated and treated like a Tripel (i.e. cherished slowly and lovingly).

I REALLY want this to be good. So any constructive criticism or advice for changing this that will make it taste better is more than welcome.

Here are the recipe specs:

25G. Mead, Braggot All-grain


OG 1.139

FG 1.035

IBU 30

ABV 13.4 %



Boil Volume 7.5 gallons

Batch Size 5.5 gallons

Yeast 75% AA


% Weight Weight (lbs) Grain

41.3 % 13.00 Belgian Pils

50.8 % 16.00 Honey

1.6 % 0.50 CaraPils

3.2 % 1.00 Crystal 20L

3.2 % 1.00 Flaked Oats


% Wt Weight (oz) Hop Form

7.7 % 0.50 Magnum Pellet: 60 Minute Boil

15.4 % 1.00 Saaz Pellet: 20 Minute Boil

15.4 % 1.00 Hallertau Pellet: 20 Minute Boil

30.8 % 2.00 Saaz Pellet: 5 Minute Boil

30.8 % 2.00 Hallertau Pellets: 5 Minute

6.50 oz. of hops, 30.1 IBUs

Yeast: Belgian Ardennes, dried out with some Mead yeast (unsure which one yet)

Extras: Coriander

09/27/07 10:02 PM  
Re: Trappist Braggot: Please Critique!
Make sure to add yeast nutrient, you'll need it to ferment all of that honey.
Dave I
09/28/07 12:32 PM  
Re: Trappist Braggot: Please Critique!
"Make sure to add yeast nutrient, you'll need it to ferment all of that honey."

I think I would ferment the wort first, then start adding honey in 1 to 1.5# increments, along with yeast nutrients, so I do not stress the yeast out. I would also add mead yeast once it got to a certain point so it dried out enough to be drinkable. Not sure which one. Not sure about the first batch, but some sort of Brett might be nice, ala. Orval or something like that. That would come later though.


09/28/07 12:56 PM  
Re: Trappist Braggot: Please Critique!
I see....good luck!
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