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09/28/07 11:49 AM  
Dry ice to chill wort
On the show that Mike posted the host makes mention of this. Its not something I've ever done so I can comment with any real confidence. But the factor that seemed to poo-poo it in the eyes of the host (that was contributed by a listener) was that its probably bad cause it splashes the beer around. It will do that to cold water so I'm sure that's true. But as it does that it would be releasing CO2. Isn't splashing bad because the of the resulting aeration? Would not dry ice be releasing loads of CO2, which because of its weight be sitting on the wort? Or is there some other factor?
09/28/07 01:19 PM  
Re: Dry ice to chill wort
I've heard that dry ice isn't manufactured very cleanly (often there will be dirt / sawdust in the dry ice), so it's not recommended being mixed with anything you're going to consume.

As far as aeration, I have no idea what kind of splashing would occur, but I guess you'd want some oxygen coming in, just not on the hot side. You could probably avoid this with a lid over the wort.

09/29/07 08:12 AM  
Re: Dry ice to chill wort
Oh, well I'm pretty sure there is specifically food grade CO2 so it would stand to reason that there in less than food grade as well. Good point.

As far as the splashing, have you ever thrown a chunck of dry ice into water? Looks like a parana feeding frenzy. "Splashing" is probably only loosely accurate, its more like very extreme bubbling as the super cold CO2 hits far warmer fluid and rapidly returns to a gasious state.

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