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10/02/07 05:50 PM  
Belgian Strong Dark...how is my water profile?
Hi All,

I'm brewing a strong dark for the first time. How does my water profile look and what suggestions do you have? I do light belgians using half tap half distilled with 1/4 campden tab per five gallons.

2006 Average

Alkalinity 82 mg/L

Hardness 128 mg/L

pH 7.5

Calcium 25.9 mg/L

Iron 67 ug/L

Magnesium 8.4 mg/L

Sodium 16.6 mg/L

Chloride 33.2 mg/L

Chlorine 2.4 mg/L

Sulfate 32.9 mg/L


Mike T
10/03/07 09:34 AM  
Re: Belgian Strong Dark...how is my water profile?
What is your recipe? What is the predicted SRM (not including sugars)? You can use this info and the John Palmer’s residual alkalinity spreadsheet from the water section of howtobrew.com to estimate the correct mineral additions.

You may need a bit more calcium in there, I have read that 50 ppm is the min for good enzyme activity. You could also add more bicarb depending on how dark (acidic) your grainbill is. The “flavor” minerals look fine (all of them are pretty low), so really your only issue is making sure your mash pH is fine. If your mash is pretty light and you need to add calcium to get the pH down I would stick to calcium chloride, Belgians rarely require sulfate because they rarely are very bitter. If the beer is darker go with calcium carbonate (chalk), that will get the pH up and deal with your low Ca levels.

I am brewing a Wesy 8 clone in a couple weeks that will need plenty of calcium in the water because the mash is just pils/pale and basically all of the color comes from dark candi syrup in the boil.

Hope that helps

10/03/07 11:51 AM  
Re: Belgian Strong Dark...how is my water profile?
Thanks MikeT,

Anticipated SRM 25. Rochefort 8 clone

3.5% 0.50 lbs. Flaked Corn (Maize) America 1.040 1

70.9% 10.00 lbs. Pilsener Belgium 1.037 2

10.6% 1.50 lbs. CaraMunich Belgium 1.034 46

9.9% 1.40 lbs. Turbiano Sugar 1.047 100

1.4% 0.20 lbs. Carafa Special Germany 1.030 302

3.5% 0.50 lbs. Special B Malt Belgian 1.030 114

I have always used my water or cut it with distilled so my calcium has never been >= 50 ppm. That be one variable to explain my AG crap effecicency.


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