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Frank Reitz
10/03/07 02:54 PM  
All grain starter
Hi all

I'm planning a high gravity (1.100) belgian brew soon. I have one Wyeast1214 propagator pack and no malt extract. So, I need to culture up in a big starter before brewing with it with something like 4 liters of 1.050 wort.

I'm thinking, I could split brewday into 'starter'-day and brewday. On starter day, I take 800 grams and mash in a small pot to extract 4 liters of starter wort, pitch the yeast and aerate. Then let the yeast multiply in that wort (in a 30 liter bucket)

Then, the next day is brewday, where I mash the remaining malts, and extract 4 liters less than i normally would, boil it, hop it, and pitch on top of the starter.

My questions are

1. Would that process work or could there be drawbacks

2. I should probably aerate well when I pitch on top of the starter wort or is it a bad idea?



10/06/07 10:18 AM  
Re: All grain starter
I have done 2 day batches before. Mashed the night before, and boiled the next day. Its actually seemed less stressful/tiring that way. You could just do your total mash at once and draw off enough wort for your starter. As long as your sanitation practices are good, and you keep the wort covered, there should be nothing wrong with a 2 day brew.
10/06/07 10:27 AM  
Re: All grain starter
I think the main drawback is it sounds like a lot of work. Sounds like you are brewing twice to make one beer.
Frank Reitz
10/06/07 11:51 AM  
Re: All grain starter

Yearh, it's a little more work than doing a normal 4L starter, but I'm not planning on boiling for an hour - more like 15-20 minutes. Since the grain bill is taken out of the grainbill from the original brew I'm not 'thinning' the beer with the starter not tossing out 4 liters of wort.

What about aerating when I pitch on top of the 4 liter starter. Should I do that as well?



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