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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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10/04/07 12:01 PM  
Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
It would be a Belgian sugar swap, with a twist. I can get anyone who wants to be involved the sugar they would need sent to them. This would consist of 4 types, amber or dark syrup, blonde or brown moist candi. I'd like to get groups of 4, all doing the same recipe. Each person in a group would use a different sugar type. There could be a few groups, say one does a dubbel, another a high gravity trappist style, whatever. Doesn't have to be a Belgian style, could be IPA. The point of the sessions then would be to compare the impacts of the different sugars under similar conditions. And if someone wanted to be in more than one group that would be fine. Heck, you could be in all of them.

To enable this, Brian Mercer (darkcandi) has offered to provide all parties with as much sugar as they need to do what they need to do.

If we like this idea, we could discuss target beers styles then work out the recipes together. Swap sessions would be late this year or not to far into 2008.

10/04/07 12:42 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
As usual, count me in. Intersting idea.
Scott Jackson
10/04/07 01:18 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Count me in too.
10/04/07 01:59 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
me too if its okay

10/04/07 03:35 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Love to try it.
10/05/07 08:46 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Intriguing idea. I've used the dark syrup for the first time about 6 weeks ago in a dubbel. I've never seen the amber syrup any where. I'd love to try that in a blond or golden strong. The best timing for a swap for me would be March/April 2008. Any earlier, I'll be tied up with our Leap Beer (BABBLE) Brew Off activities.
Ross Lunato
10/05/07 12:57 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
I'll come out of retirement to brew with these sugars. Would be great to compare the beers brewed with the same recipe too.
10/05/07 05:06 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Hey Steve,

I'm definitely in. Sounds like a great idea! I have never seen the amber syrup either.

10/05/07 07:23 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Count me in as well. This sounds like a fascinating project.
10/05/07 11:44 PM  
I could be talked into it...
Especially if we did a mild with dark syrup.

I've been pouring over Ron's historic English recipes and have been craving mild like you wouldn't believe.



10/06/07 11:27 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event

Put me on the list. I think a simple tripel or blonde recipe would allow the different sugars to shine through.

10/06/07 11:58 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Tentatively yes, but all my equip is still in storage.

On the positive side, my schedule is opening up so time isn't as much of a factor. Timing however is.

I'll watch for more info.

ciao, scamborn

John A
10/07/07 09:18 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
I would like to participate if you still have room. I've used the dark syrup a few times but I have yet to try the soft candy sugar.

John A

10/08/07 09:08 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
I'm in! Awaiting instructions...
10/08/07 09:45 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
OK, I'll ask Brian to get involved in the next few days to take orders. In the mean time I can see we have plenty of people to surge ahead. Lets talk styles.

I think the mild is a great idea. If we do some lower grav and some higher grav styles then we can have a session possibly before the end of the year while other sessions can be more in Dans time frame of mid spring. So then a triple/strong golden would be a great thing to do too. What others? Keep in mind, Brians offer was to really promote this kind of thing, so if you wanted to take part in more than one you can (as in do both a mild and a strong golden, he'll send what you need for both).

So the next step is lets come up with 3 more styles on top of strong golden and mild. The step after that is I'll come up with a device to coordinate who will use what sugar on what beer. With that planning behind us we'll get the ball rolling.

John A
10/08/07 10:38 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
How about a middle of the road(1.075-80) Old Ale?
10/08/07 10:51 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
OK then, a lighter color high grav beer and a darker one, not bad. Keep in mind these sugars are deceivingly limited in their color impact, a bottle of the dark syrup would get 5 gallons amberish at best. So for darker beers you will need some coloring grains. The thought strikes me that an olde ale type beer might afford an opportunity to try blending the taste of Belgian sugars with brett (as a finisher).
Scott R
10/08/07 11:18 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
I just found this board recently. I'm quite interested in this sugar experiment. If there's room for 1 more, I'd like to join up for this sugar swap.

10/08/07 04:02 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Sure Scott, all are welcomed to participate - and welcome to the board BTW! I think I'm going to cut this off at 16 people, and you are 15. So if you are reading this thread and thinking of chiming in later, I'd recommend being more proactive!

So we have a mild, Belgian strong golden and olde ale. I think I'd like to add winter ale. Brian is real reliable, I anticipate the sugar going out shortly after the plan is nailed which I think will be soon. So although its into October we could do winter ale, maybe targeting January.

BTW, any newbies whom I don't know, I'll need to know how to get in touch with you. Scott, JohnA and anyone else who has not emailed me lately, please shoot me a note (steve at cmg dot net) so I'll have your address.

Cool man, this means at least 4 swaps between now and April, thats more like it!!

10/08/07 04:39 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
When it comes to sugar, besides Belgian's, I think of British ales. Perhaps a nice bitter to compliment the mild. This would make two nice session beers. Not too much specialty malts to let the sugar come through.
10/08/07 04:53 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Good one Dan, that's true. I remember my very first beer was a English type brown ale, it called for brown sugar. Lets toss this one around a little though, to separate the brit brews a little further what would you think of an ESB instead of a bitter? That would actually give us 3 out of 4 brits, I think that's a good idea. To make the point that just because the sugar is from Belgium it doesn't mean the beer style must be.

I think tomorrow I'm going to whip up some kind of form for the participants to sign up for a style and sugar type. Those of you who have not provided an email address, you'll need to soon. This form will only be open to the people who have posted their interest.

Scott Jackson
10/08/07 06:14 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
For English styles I suggest:


Bitter (not ESB, too hoppy)

Old Ale

For Belgians:



Belgian Strong Golden

10/08/07 06:24 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
I like the Bitter and the Dubbel suggestions to round things out. A Best Bitter rather than an ordinary would be fine. Actually, the clone recipes out there for Gale's HSB all call for molasses and sugar, and that's a fine beer. I've even layed in a stock of Bramling Cross hops to experiment with those recipes.
10/09/07 09:37 AM  
too hoppy?
This is worth knocking around, if bitter is the overall preference that's cool, but ESB is "too hoppy"? I guess that could be the case with an American take, but I've had loads in the UK, and one thing that pretty much never enters my mind with any beer over there is "wow ... hops!" Actually I'm not sure any beer over there has made me think that. But even if they had, why would that be a bad thing? Is there a feeling that these sugars would not go well with hops? In fact I would lobby for at least one of the 4 or 5 being a hoppier beer - moreso even than an ESB - maybe an IPA. If we are going to really test run this stuff we should go for varied conditions. Anyway, I'm on record as a fan of low gravity styles so I'm good with that part. I would prefer to balance the style mix away from Belgians though. These sugars work great for those, but I'd like to encourage people to see what else they can do. For example my hop harvest ale is basically an IPA, the dark syrup was my sole darkening agent. A trappist style would be most people's first instinct, and of course there's no shortage of exploration there. But what else can you do? So if we end up doing four beers, a Belgian would be great but I would not want 2 or more of the 4. In the next day or two I'll devise something to get an overall feel what the group is leaning towards.

CDH, when we start coming up with our recipes I'd love to persue Gale's HSB! Where did you find Bramling Cross?

10/09/07 10:48 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Yeah, the HSB is a great beer. Picking the right yeast is going to be the trick to getting close to it, I think.

As to the Bramling Cross hops, I've ordered them from brewbyu.com, though have noticed the North Country Malt stocks them as well. Clearly somebody in New England is bringing them in.

Scott R
10/09/07 10:52 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
I agree with SteveG. I think it would be nice to have at least one beer with a bit of hops in it. (IPAs can be nice with a bit of sugar in them.) Of course, having said that, I must admit the old ale sounds pretty good, too.
Al B
10/09/07 11:26 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
#16 still open?

I like the idea of a dark mild w/ dark sugar, blond sugar or amber syrup in a bitterish thing

10/09/07 11:27 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
And with Al we close the door! Welcome aboard bud!
Al B
10/09/07 11:49 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Mongo like candy............(blazing Saddles)
Scott Jackson
10/09/07 02:06 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
I do think a hoppy beer would overwhelm the taste of the sugar in the final product. I have not used these sugars before but most are close to 100% fermentable. I use sugar in my Impy IPA's for alcohol only and no taste.

I also think we should be brewing Belgian styles with them as that is what they are made for. Do you really think 2 our 4 beers is too much?

10/09/07 02:16 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
I have an IIPA that I'd be curious to put blonde sugar in.

I'm also on board with those saying dubbel and strong golden.


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