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I just really like the work levifunk is doing!

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10/09/07 02:23 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
>>I also think we should be brewing Belgian styles with them as that is what they are made for.<<

I disagree, I think its more accurate to say they are made for brewing, because they are products of Belgium the first thing you'd think of is a Belgian style. But having worked with most of these (the amber liquid is a new one for me) I can say there is no reason to to not branch out. I've used this stuff in an IPA, barley wines and an olde ale. But really they could be used in any beer where some kind of sugar makes sense. Actually I think there are more beer styles that these sugars could work with than not. I think there is little doubt there will be at least one Belgian style in the mix, but I really don't want to confine our works here to something that has already been done.

Actually, if you wanted to do a triple but that does not end up being a style for the swap, I am certain Brian would send you the sugar of your choice to do that anyway. So really Scott, in addition to the swap you can do whatever you like. But sometimes I like to use swaps to break the mold, like with the gueuze-esque or brett swaps. Demonstrating the value of these syrups outside their obvious context may help Brians marketing effort, and given his generousity here I want there to be some kind of payback potential for him. So really what I mostly want to do is encourage brewers to think of applications for this stuff beyond what everbody knows will work.

Ross Lunato
10/09/07 03:19 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
I can see some of the dark sugars working in a Scotch ale too.
10/09/07 03:22 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Big time, actually have not done one of those in years.
H Painter
10/13/07 11:37 AM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
If anyone drops out please count me in. Otherwise I can't wait to hear how this turns out.
10/13/07 07:02 PM  
Re: Kooky idea for an BBB swap event
Sorry H, arrangements have already been made to ship everything, we're passed the point where we could redirect. Your name is unfamiliar, welcome to the homeBBBrewBoard if this is a maiden post! More swap opportunities will present themselves I promise, Steve
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