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10/06/07 06:30 PM  
low carbonation
I brewed a Beglian Dubbel this summer and had it conditioning in secondary for about two months. When I bottled it, I added half a packet of dry yeast and corn sugar for about 2.8 volumes. However, my house in Vermont is friggin cold (usually around 62 degrees) and after 5 or 6 weeks the beer is very low in carbonation. Given that I can't move it to a warmer spot (especially with winter approaching), will things keep building pressure at lower temps? Is it worth giving the bottles a shake?

Happy Feet
10/07/07 10:48 AM  
Re: low carbonation
I have had this same problem! First I have found dry yeast not to give good results for high gravity yeast. It just can't work because of the high alc. environment it is in. I keep some of the belgium beer yeast from the primary sealed in the fridge and make a starter with it when it is time bottle. I then add this with the sugar when I bottle.

Can you move it to a warmer spot? See if that helps.

I have also opened the bottles and added a 1/2 tsp of the active starter then re sealed the bottles. This solved my problem.

Frank Reitz
10/07/07 03:38 PM  
Re: low carbonation
The alcohol level of a dubbel shouldn't kill the yeast. I've done the same with good results using S-04, T-58 and danstar nottingham where s-04 actually was the most effective. This was in 9-10alc% beers.

It's worth shaking them up to suspend the yeast but at those temps you will have to wait a long time for them to carb up.

When you say they are very low in carbonation I take it that they fizz when you open them?

Frank Reitz
10/07/07 03:40 PM  
Re: low carbonation
By the way - does the beer taste sweet? If not, you could also have leaky caps :-(
10/07/07 04:38 PM  
Re: low carbonation
The beer tastes great. It goes ffffsssss when I open the cap and it does have the first signs of carbonation. Its just low right now. I guess I'm going to have to be patient.

thanks guys


10/08/07 05:38 PM  
Re: low carbonation
The last time this happened to me I turned the case upside down for a minute then flipped it back over to resuspend the yeast...it seemed to work pretty good, and the yeast settled right back down after another week or two.
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