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John A
10/06/07 08:42 PM  
belgian bottle cork sanitization
How do I go about sanitizing the corks. Should I steam them like wine corks, soak them in star san or is their another technique that I could use?



10/06/07 09:43 PM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization
I steam them.
John A
10/07/07 09:10 AM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization
Thanks WitSok.

Is this the same procedure you use?

Boil a pot of water.

Remove from heat and add corks and a lid.

Let rest for 5 minutes.


10/07/07 02:32 PM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization
I just pre-soak them in a bucket of iodophor for half an hour.
10/07/07 02:37 PM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization
Actually I use a vegatable steamer. I place the corks in the upper (steam) chamber and steam for 10 minutes.

Wine corks I actually sulfite over night in a bowl of sufite solution with a weighted down plate to keep the corks submerged.

John A
10/07/07 06:55 PM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization
Thanks again
10/08/07 06:49 PM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization
don't mean to threadjack, but can you provide a link to the belgian bottle corks? I have a ton of empty chimay style bottles, and I get inconsistent results when I used plastic champagne corks (although they're great for the champagne style belgian bottles). My LHBS said they we're sure what kind of cork to use, and didn't think the mushroom ones were commercially available...surely they're mistaken?
John A
10/08/07 06:55 PM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization
I got the corks, hoods and floor corker from morebeer.com and the bottles from my local.

10/08/07 07:01 PM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization
Yep, More Beer is were I bought mine. They also have the cages with the "cap."
10/08/07 07:01 PM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization


Hooded wire wraps


Floor corker


10/08/07 09:43 PM  
Re: belgian bottle cork sanitization
Just for the record, I am a 10 min steamer also, in a colander put in a pot with no lid and about 1" of water below it. I keep the lid off 'cause I don't like the corks to be too wet when inserting, and I don't want to use any kind of sanitizer for (possibly irrational) fear of cork taint (I primarily use One Step for my regular sanitizing).

Morebeer stuff is good, I like their 'right-sized' 1" dia. belgian bottle corks and wire hoods, they are perfect for just about any bottle size. I use them on Saison Dupont green bottles, the ubiquitous round-lipped belgian 750s (Ommegang, Duvel, Maredsous, Sly Fox), champagne bottles and regular 24 oz beer bottles (Capt. Lawrence, Fantome, etc).

Champagne corks are too damn big and plastic stoppers? Do you really want your beer to look like a $5.00 bottle of "sparkling cider"?

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