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Happy Feet
10/07/07 10:52 AM  
Best Cool Temperature Yeast?
What belgium yeasts would you recommend for cooler fermentation temperatures?
10/07/07 12:49 PM  
Re: Best Cool Temperature Yeast?
The Wyeast 3655 Schelde yeast.

That works fairly cool.

Supposedly from DeKoninck.

John A
10/09/07 07:41 AM  
Re: Best Cool Temperature Yeast?
Wlp530 fermented at 62-66F averages 75-77% attenuation with a 15% sugar addition to the grain bill. I should also mention that I pitch a half gallon yeast slurry and 2 sessions lasting a couple minutes each of bottled oxygen. The end result will be more malty and less phenolic with some fruity esters.
Sean White
10/09/07 12:36 PM  
Re: Best Cool Temperature Yeast?
Doesn't Vinnie from R.R. use WLP 500 at like 65 degrees? I think he says you get a lot of the fruit quality without nearly the phenolics.
10/09/07 01:29 PM  
Re: Best Cool Temperature Yeast?
First of all, what type of yeast profile do you want? Fruity? What types of fruit? Earthy? Spicy? Fusels? Seriously, this is the first question to answer. From there the different yeast alternatives can be considered. Which yeasts will give the desired profile and then also perform well at the lower temperatures.

White Labs Info: www.whitelabs.com/beer/belgianchart.pdf

There is a similar chart for Wyeast in BLAM.

So, what's your ideal profile?

Happy Feet
10/13/07 11:36 PM  
Re: Best Cool Temperature Yeast?
It would be spice with a fruit background. I need to know a wyeast selection as I can't access whitelabs in my area of Canada.
10/14/07 02:44 PM  
Re: Best Cool Temperature Yeast?
There are two yeasts on Wyeast chart in BLAM that show spicy at the lower temperaure range: 1214 Belgian ale and 3787 Trappist high gravity. I prefer 3787, but 1214 is probably a bit more tolerant of cool temperatures. If fermenting cool, I'd make sure to start with a large pitching of yeast.
Happy Feet
10/15/07 07:05 PM  
Re: Best Cool Temperature Yeast?
What is this BLAM chart? How do I locate it?
10/15/07 07:21 PM  
Re: Best Cool Temperature Yeast?
BLAM = Brew Like a Monk, a great book on abbey inspired brews. See page 178.
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